IGK's Stephanie Brown Gives Us The Low Down On Fall Hair Color

We don't know about you, but rooibos red is calling our name.

Fall hair Stephanie Brown

As fall rolls around, we tend to get kind of, sort of bored with our hair color. We’ve spent the months prior to summer bleaching, highlighting, and maybe even cutting off a few inches to fit in with the seasonal heat. While we’re here for those fun changes, we look forward to fall because we have a lot more wiggle room to play with. Fall is a time for us to play around with our hair, give it bounce, shine, and flavor. It’s getting a little colder outside, so we’re not forced to wear our hair up in a ponytail to shield our bodies from the warmth and inevitable sweat. Color change can be drastic or minimal during these months, as your huge change for summer has faded out and maybe you’re not quite ready to go super dark for winter just yet.

Confused on what change you should make this upcoming fall? Amodrn has got you covered. We spoke to Stephanie Brown, Master Colorist at IGK Salon in SoHo, New York City about well, everything. She gave us the low down on trending fall hair color, her favorite products, and much, much more.

stephanie brown
Image: Coveteur

Why, in your opinion, is it popular to change your hair color seasonally? 

I think every few months people get bored with how they look and want to change things up. Not always a major change but something to feel a little different. I think it’s especially true going from warmer to cooler weather. Summer is so hot and then it quickly gets cold. Plus the leaves start to change into beautiful warm colors. I feel like people love changing their wardrobe and hair during this time of year more than any other season changes. A lot may have to do with it being the beginning of a new school year that signals a new start, which has been so ingrained in us.

Do you advise going the typical fall hair change route (darker, less bright), or going against the grain?

I always advise going with what you feel the most comfortable with and going with what you feel looks best on you. That being said, when changing from summer to fall, there is a big change in hair and skin due to all the sun you’re exposed to during the summer months. Hair usually gets very light and/or brassy, so usually people darken their hair so it’s not as light. When you lose your tan those lighter, paler tones don’t always flatter your skin so changing to something a little warmer toned is flattering on your face.

3) What are the most popular color choices for this fall?

Rooted citrine. Sometimes blondes want to be bright all year, but I’ve been seeing more clients opting for a rooted look. It’s lower maintenance than single-process, yet the effect is still bright. Plus, having those golden, buttery tones is beautiful when transitioning from summer to fall.

stephanie brown hair

Image: Stephanie Brown

Mushroom blonde will still be trending this winter with a bit more cool toned highlights mixed in, but otherwise still very neutral. People love it as it’s an ashy dark blonde that’s super easy to maintain. It has that lived-in look that looks cool.

mushroom blonde
Image: Stephanie Brown 

Selenite Blonde is a very pale, creamy blonde that reflects the moon light. It’s not quite platinum as it’s still a very soft blonde. Ask for a neutral to cool tone base with almost white highlights.

stephanie brown hair

Image: Stephanie Brown

For darker hair, rich warm dark brunettes like Gold Obsidian will continue to trend. For winter, it’ll take a warmer tone, almost like the obsidian is reflecting fire from the fireplace. Make sure there’s not too much red in the base color as you don’t want the shade to be purple, and ask for both lowlights and warm highlights to give that shimmery, glossy variation in the hair.

stephanie brown hair
Image: Stephanie Brown

Zinfandel Red or Rooibos Red: a toned down, warm red to match the fashion and makeup trends we’ll see this Fall. It’s not too warm, more neutral, and has a lived-in feel to it.

sid howard hair
Image: Sid Howard 

Gingerbread Brown. This neutral, unfussy, slightly messy brunette like the one Zendaya sports in Euphoria is really pretty for fall. It’s not quite as light as bronde or mushroom blonde, but rather a medium brown that’s very earthy.

stephanie brown hair

Image: Stephanie Brown

What are your favorite products to use to maintain hair color?

Always use a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I love Briogeo Color Me Brilliant, IGK Hot Girls, and Amika Vault Color Lock.

Hair masks are great to maintain color. They keep hair healthy and moisturized so color won’t fade as fast. I love hair masks so I have a few favorites: Uberliss Bond Sustainer, Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair, IGK Expensive (which also acts as a gloss). These are all masks that you wet your hair and leave in for about 20 minutes minimum. But my favorite all time mask is IGK Antisocial. It’s a spray-on bond -building mask that you can use on dry hair and it smells amazing!!!

Heat protection is very important to keep color from fading. I love Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray, IGK Good Behavior, and Color Wow Dream Coat (an actual dream).

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