Elle Macpherson: Supermodel, Wellness Visionary, And Top-Notch Businesswoman

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Elle Macpherson is a name synonymous with not only sky high success, but beauty, brains, and frankly, superpowers. Being at the helm of a business empire, “The Body” (a famous nickname given to her by Time Magazine in 1989), is so goal driven she has succeeded in multiple business ventures including Elle Macpherson Intimates (a lingerie line),  a line of skin care products, and her wildly successful wellness brand. WelleCo began with an alkalizing greens supplement and has expanded into a catalog of wellness products, including nutritious protein and delicious tea. Between balancing her modeling career, multiple businesses, and her two kids, she’s even found time to pass on her keen knowledge to Business Chicks, Australia’s largest and most influential community for women. From Tuesday, September 17th until Wednesday, September 25th, she’s giving Australia five opportunities to learn about her incredible life story, her unique entrepreneurial mindset, and stellar inspiration that’ll leave attendees influenced by her words forevermore. Tickets are available for purchase here.
Amodrn recently had the opportunity to interview Elle about everything readers were dying to know, from being a woman in the board room to her wellness routine. Keep reading to find out more about Elle below!

As a business woman, what are your top tips for being confident in the board room? 

For anyone in business, doing what you love is key. This way work doesn’t feel like work. I believe in taking time to get to know your strengths so you know what you bring to the table and invest time into courageously polishing those strengths, this is a great way to feel confident. I’ve also found having an open heart and mind, and willingness to learn is vital in any business journey. And don’t forget to smile! 

elle macpherson
Image: Elle Macpherson

Are you a foodie? If so, what are the top 3 things you love to cook and why?

I love raw foods so I’m not always cooking, I do a lot of preparing. I use a dehydrator a lot of the time. Through my own wellness journey, I discovered that nothing has an impact on my wellbeing like nourishing my body.
Six years ago, (before WelleCo) I was nutrient deprived and suffering from oxidative stress. Like so many people I was sugar addicted, sleep deprived and stressed inside and out. This really drove me to kick started my wellness journey, I wanted to find a solution as to why I was feeling this way and how I could transform my wellbeing. In that process, I met Dr. Simone Laubscher in the UK. 
I studied and adopted specific nourishment and lifestyle changes and the results were remarkable. I immediately wanted to share that discovery because I wanted to help enable others gain such benefits in their life. That personal journey and vision became our business, WelleCo
 Dr. Laubscher created a customized greens formula and that was really the foundation of our WelleCo super greens, The SUPER ELIXIR. The formulation contained botanical herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, probiotics all in one powder. And when I started taking this daily everything changed. My body felt lighter, cleaner, leaner. My digestion improved. I started to lose weight, I felt more emotionally balanced. I didn’t get as sick as often because my immune system was supported. The changes were so dramatic, and at that point I recognized I could change the way I feel through focusing on the inside.
Today I largely follow a plant-based diet full of greens, as well as good quality fats, carbohydrates and plant protein that fuel my body with the right nutrients. When I’m at home I really enjoy being in my kitchen and experimenting with new recipes. 

The top three things she loves to make:

1) So for breakfast, I love raw coconut yogurt for breakfast, made from young coconut flesh and lemon. I sometimes soak chia seeds in this or homemade almond milk, then I add cardamom, ginger, cinnamon in the chia soaked in almond milk for delicious breakfast or snack. I love a pudding! Alternatively, a favorite of mine is: one scoop of WelleCo Super Elixir Greens, two scoops WelleCo Nourishing Chocolate Powder, half an avocado, and water in a blender for a delicious chocolate avocado mousse.
2) I’m loving vegan bread made in my dehydrator topped with some avocado, sprouts, arugula and tomatoes from my garden. Or topped with fennel and almond butter.
3) Vegetable Pesto pasta is always a winner, with mandolin zucchini and topped with pine nuts and walnut basil pesto. The amazing chef Adam Kenworthy has so many yummy recipes like this!

welleco supplement
Image: WelleCo

What are the secrets behind your famous body? Do you have a particular diet, what does your lifestyle involve?

I’ve been modeling for 37 years and I started my career focusing on the outside world, and the way I look. But today my focus is on my inner world and my sense of wellbeing. 
 As I got older and became a mum, I realized that there was much more to wellness than eating good food and exercising. So I explored more options as they became apparent and grew my view on health and wellness. My wellness journey then moved into understanding how the body works in all its different phases of life, and how to nurture myself consciously rather than doing the same stuff over and over but expecting different results.
Today, I focus on nourishing my body with the nutrients it needs through mainly following a vegan based diet. I also incorporate the WelleCo Super Elixir for cellular and systematic support, as well as our Nourishing Protein to maintain and strong and lean body. The Sleep Welle Calming Tea also really helps calm the mind and promote a deep, restorative sleep so I wake up rested and recharged! Sleep is so powerful in achieving both a healthy mind and body.

What is your favorite form of exercise and how often do you train to keep fit and toned? 

Moving my body through exercise is such a big part of maintaining both my physical and mental wellbeing, and something I try to do every morning. I do approach it very differently these days, I used to put my body through intense exercise that was driven by wanting to look my best, which as a model was understandable and a big part of what you do.
I’ve swapped lots of aerobic exercise for conscious exercise such as yoga and meditation, walking, swimming, riding a bike and activities that keep the body moving but aren’t necessarily too strenuous or repetitive. Just treating myself well.

When it comes to your beauty routine, what do you do daily to keep skin fresh and glowing?

I love natural beauty. Nothing that I can put on my skin compares to what I put (or don’t put) inside my body. My biggest beauty secret (which isn’t such a secret anymore!), is the WelleCo Super Elixir Greens
It’s our essential daily greens and a clean foundation for cellular and systemic support. It helps my sense of vitality, strengthens the immune system, supports the digestive system and gives my skin a healthy glow. Two teaspoons every morning with filtered water without fail. I’m really loving our new ginger and lemon flavors at the moment! I also combine this with our WelleCo Super Boosters. These are botanical extracts for targeted support, they work like magic! 

Elle MacPherson
Image: Vogue Australia

What are your absolute favorite top 5 beauty products and why?

1) Again, my number one is definitely the the WelleCo Super Elixir Greens, two teaspoons in water every morning. 
2) DefenAge Skincare, which I was introduced to while I was at 11 Hotel’s Just Ageless Spa in New York City. I love their 1-Step Multi-Cleanse; an exfoliator that contains fruit enzymes (including papaya) that are gentler on the skin than acids – but just as effective.  
3) I find when I focus on a solid wellness regimen, the wonderful bi-products are beauty benefits. So I love lymphatic drainage and detox, stimulation and dynamic lymphatic support through manual lymph body work. I also love my infrared sauna for a detox and to boost my immune system. I find my skin and body respond really well to these activities if I incorporate them regularly. Also just gentle sunlight and water sipped frequently and constantly throughout the day works wonders for me. 
4) I tend to gravitate towards makeup that’s subtle and good for my skin. At the moment I am using the Oxygenetix line that is created and used by doctors. Their Breathable Second Skin Foundation is beautiful to wear and great for sensitive skin and acts as skin treatment as well as makeup. Beauty Counter’s products are all excellent clean beauty that work beautifully, I love their Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. I also love Gucci Westman Atelier – her concealers are the best!
5) I am obsessed with dry brushing and exfoliating. I use WelleCo’s Japanese Green Tea Salt Scrub, it’s the first thing I do when showering. If I’m feeling courageous, I’ll take hot and cold showers to encourage circulation, before slathering my body with a thick, hydrating, natural moisturizer. 
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