Low Libido? If You Have Trouble Getting Turned On, This Could Be Why

What's not working for you in the bedroom.

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If you’re finding that your libido and sexual arousal have taken a nosedive recently, there could be a science-backed reason as to why. A new study coming out of the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy explains that women in particular need more stimulation to be turned on.
The researchers studied the reactions of 64 female participants while they were stimulated by videos and tracked their level of stimulation. The women would be instructed to note when their arousal levels went up or down — indicating, essentially, how turned on they were at any given moment throughout the study.
Separately, they also filled out a questionnaire that would detail their sexual desire and arousal, and when put together, the research was clear: many women needed both physical and mental stimulation in order to really be turned on.
It’s this “sexual concordance,” as the researchers named it, that is key for women who have struggled with arousal.

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The women who reported having a lower sexual desire were found to actually have a higher connection between their mind and their body, and therefore needed both mental and physical stimulation to reach their sexual peak.
“Therapeutic approaches that enhance women’s emotional or subjective experiences of sexual arousal may therefore be beneficial for improving sexual functioning,” the study authors noted.
If that rings true for you, it simply means that a bit of extra attention to your sexual stimuli could mean an increase in your overall libido.
While yes, adding libido-boosting foods into your diet could mean that you’re more likely to increase your sex drive, there are other mental-first ways to do the same. Adding meditation into your wellness routine has been found to actually raise your levels of sexual awareness, certain yoga poses can do the same, and incorporating some dirty talk in the bedroom can also help to improve your drive.

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