Four Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

How to survive without being able to see each other often.

how to make your long distance relationship work

Either you know someone that’s been in one, you’re currently in one, or about to be, it’s no secret that long-distance relationships are notorious for being ‘sucky’. It’s time away from your partner when all you want to do is be by their side cooking dinner or watching TV; now more than ever, long-distance relationships are becoming quite commonplace. Whether you or your partner moved away from a promotion, family reasons or a new career path, the way you approach your relationship will be a bit different. Curated from real experiences, take a look at the best tips for making your long distance relationship work, and even flourish.

Let’s talk it out

Having open lines of communication with your partner is vital for any relationship, especially when it comes to maintaining one long distance. Discuss, if you haven’t already, how long the distance factor will last, how frequently you’ll meet face to face, and how often and over what platforms you want to chat. By being on the same page and knowing what you’re both comfortable with, the less room there is for friction.

For some, they put aside 30 minutes each night to FaceTime before bed, while others use their commute home or time while cooking dinner to chat over the phone, either way, you chat with your beau on the daily! During the day you could send snaps so they get visuals about what you’re up to, but don’t rely on snaps and texts if you can help it – try to call and hear each other’s voices rather than texting.

how to make your long distance relationship work
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Mark it in your calendar

Anyone in a long-distance relationship will tell you the thing you look forward to most is spending quality time with your partner. It’s important to plan ahead when they come to you or you to them, so lock in date nights or bring them along to events or dinners you’d otherwise be going to solo. Having them as part of your everyday life makes it feel like they’re really home, and mundane house jobs like dishes can become more fun when you do it together!

Some couples decide on a set time to see each other, like once a month, so they always have something to look forward to. Others focus on longer trips like holidays every few months to make their time together longer and more memorable – even taking a staycation or trip interstate can work wonders. As long as there’s something planned to look forward to, you won’t be constantly worrying about when you’ll see them next!

It’s the little things that count

Losing touch is part and parcel of being long distance, you’ll have ebbs and flows like normal couples do, except they just feel more extreme. Let your partner know you’re thinking about them even when you’re both busy, a great way to achieve this is with snail mail (regular post). Send each other letters, giving them a nice surprise when they open up your letter that’s something other than bills or junk mail.

Try sending something different each time to keep it interesting, perhaps it’s a list of what you love about them, a photo of a great memory you shared, or a voucher for them to use on their next visit like a massage or cooking session with you! Adding quirky elements to your mail makes it fun and gives them something to look forward to when the mail comes.

how to make your long distance relationship work
Image: Clay Banks

Respecting each other’s new lives

You’re the same couple as you always were, but your downtime at home has new meaning as you’re not spending each night or weekend together. You have more time to see friends and family, join a sports team or take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try out! Now’s your chance to find out new things about yourself and add to your self-growth, while staying committed to your relationship.

Take up a cooking class, put a dent in your reading list or finally watch those movies you’ve been dying to see; whatever it is, know that couples can come out stronger for doing long distance because of their freedom to find themselves and still be in a loving, trusting partnership.

While they’re missing you as much as you miss them, remember they have their own schedules and commitments to deal with now, respect what they’re doing as you’d expect the same from them. Keep communicating, having fun, being spontaneous together and learning to embrace your new lives; before you know it, you’ll be back living together in no time.

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