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Here’s How You Can Keep the Whole House Cool All Summer

Step one: turn off all of your electronics.

You can stay cooler at night without relying on expensive air conditioning by preventing the heat from building up in your home during the day. This can be done with a few simple steps, according to AmeriSleep. They’ve shared a few tips on how to keep your whole house cool on summer and save money on your electricity bill, because let’s face it, our summers are getting a lot hotter than before. Keep reading to learn more!

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Here’s How You Can Keep the Whole House Cool All Summer

1) Turn off electronics and lights when not in use

Electronic devices with built-in exhaust fans like video game consoles and computers radiate warm air. Heat is also generated by lighting. To limit heat being distributed and stored in your home, make sure you turn everything off when it is not in use. Make sure nothing is left on standby and devices are fully powered down to help them cool off. You should also switch to lighting that creates less heat. For example, LED lights emit less heat than incandescent or halogen bulbs.

2) Shut out the sun

A good way to keep the inside of your house cool is to block out the sun’s warming rays. The sun’s light can emit heat from the ground up. So, even if rays sneak under a gap in your curtains, they can start to heat up your room. If you use energy-efficient window coverings like blackout blinds and curtains, you can block out and stop the sun from heating your room. The coloring of your window coverings and walls also has a bearing on heat. This is because light colors reflect and disperse heat while darker colors absorb it.

3) Cook and eat alfresco

When cooking food, a large amount of heat is generated. Whether you use gas, electricity, the stove, or the oven, your house will get warmer. Whilst creating deliciously satisfying meals, you could also be creating a dissatisfying sleep experience. The heat generated may not dissipate properly, raising your house’s internal temperature. Instead, you could take advantage of the hot, dry weather by cooking outside. It could be the perfect excuse to fire up the barbecue. Just be sure to stay in the shade and drink plenty of cool liquids whilst grilling.

Why can’t I just use the AC?

There are many reasons not to use air conditioning and some people just don’t have it. Air conditioning, especially older units, emits harmful chemicals into the air. This can damage the ecosystem around you and your overall air quality. Also, air conditioning units are energy intensive meaning they need a lot of electricity to keep them running. Constantly running your air-con means you may be using energy from unsustainable sources like fossil fuels which contribute to rising co2 levels. Not only this, but running the AC can significantly bump up the price of your energy bill, so cooling your home without it can have a positive effect on your without breaking the bank.


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