How To Get Fit Without Breaking The Bank

On a budget? We've got you covered.

One of the fastest ways to see results from your workouts? Hire a personal trainer.
Working with someone who actually knows what they’re doing (instead of trying to do it yourself, and guessing your way through every exercise) can make a huge difference in how quickly your body changes and adapts to your workouts.
But let’s face it—hiring a personal trainer can get pricey, fast. And if you’re on a budget, between gym membership dues and weekly yoga classes, there might not be enough left to spring for a pro.
Good news: Although an app will never replace in-person, professional advice, there are a few digital downloads that are almost as good as working with a trainer one-on-one. Keep scrolling for our favorite fitness apps.


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Tobi Pearce’s (Kayla’s boyfriend) new app features HIIT, yoga, and strength workouts created by Sjana Elise Earp, Kelsey Wells, and Kayla Itsines herself. You’ll find short, 28-minute workouts, healthy meal recipes, and fitness challenges you can participate in!
According to reviews, the app is: “Easy to use, and the videos are super helpful to make sure you are doing the moves properly.”
Download it here: Sweat: Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Fitness Workouts


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With hundreds of strength and cardio classes, treadmill workouts, and HIIT cardio classes, Aaptiv is one of the most popular fitness apps in the iTunes store. Here’s a glowing review from a user:
“I love Aaptiv. As dramatic as it sounds it’s kinda life-changing. It enabled me to become a workout-in-the-morning person, something I’ve never been able to do before. I get up, drink some pre-workout, and pick a workout for the morning and just do whatever the instructor directs for that morning. I’m pretty sure that at that point, my brain isn’t quite awake yet, so it’s pretty helpful to just listen to cues rather than looking at a visual workout plan over and over, or having one routine memorized, which can be repetitive. Although sometimes I think I’d like to keep doing the same classes on Aaptiv, I keep trying new ones, and they never let me down. I’ve used body weight training, walking, running, indoor cycling (my fav since I got a foldaway stationery bike last year), stretching, yoga… I’ve gone to different gyms with classes for years, and I’ve never gotten my money’s worth like this… Aaptiv, never go away!”
Download it here: Aaptiv

Asana Rebel

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Want to up your yoga game and get toned? Asana Rebel comes fully loaded with coaching programs that help you accomplish all of your goals. Plus, it has daily workouts that help keep things fresh.
“[The] app works well, range of workouts, my daily yoga routine!”
Download it here: Asana Rebel

Daily Burn

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With over 800 individual workouts, plenty of curated programs, and a new exercise plan on the site daily, the Daily Burn app will help keep things fresh every time you hit the gym.
“I love Daily Burn. I don’t like leaving my house to go to the gym so this is perfect for me. They have a new live workout everyday and then a whole slew of different workout programs to do. I’m loving the new barre workout and I also love the Yoga workout. GET THIS APP! I can not recommend it enough!”
Download it here: Daily Burn

Freeletics Bodyweight Workouts

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Freeletics offers clients a digital personal trainer and coach to help them achieve their goals. With effective, no-quipment-needed 10- to 30-minute workouts, Freeletics makes it easy to exercise almost anywhere.
Download it here: Freeletics Bodyweight Workouts


Want more than HIIT workouts or strength training? Qinetic is an interactive, on-demand video platform that offers classes in yoga, strength training, dance fitness, nutrition, and many other modalities.
Download it here: Qinetic


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From fitness phenom Cassie Ho, reviews say: “Overall this app is well organized, attractively designed, and super convenient.”
Download it here: Blogilates

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