Here’s How Long It Actually Takes For A Vitamin Supplement to Kick In

Spoiler alert: It's far from what you imagined.

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In a world where wellness is increasingly popular, misinformation can be thrown your way. What is the best way for your body to be and remain healthy? What stops and reverses aging? What strengthens your immune system? During this pandemic crisis that seems to be attacking those most vulnerable with comprised health, what is the best way to guard our bodies against infection? We spoke to leading nutritional formulator Steve Kushner who gave us the low down on all vitamins.

How Long Does It Take For Vitamins To Work?

According to Steve Kushner, nutritional formulator, the time it takes for the intake of vitamins to work can be within hours or weeks, pending on how deficient your body is in that particular supplement. E.g., if you are dehydrated, an electrolyte supplement will work within minutes. However, if you have bone density issues, calcium will take six weeks to make a difference, and calcium needs a lot of other things for your body to truly absorb and reap the benefits.


Steve says that in order, these are the supplements that are most easily absorbed by the body:

  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Tablets

Best Way To Absorb Supplements?

Eating fruits and veggies is the best way to meet our nutritional needs. But did you know that eating bad foods causes the body to work harder? This is what can result in vitamin deficiency. So all that good food and supplementation you have done for that day kind of backfires. If you eat healthy all the time, the odds of getting everything you truly need are slim from food alone. That’s why most people supplement their diets with vitamins; liquid supplements will be the best for you. It’s worth noting that all vitamins are different in terms of the time they take to work. If you are severely deficient in something, taking the supplement will give immediate benefits.
Another factor to consider for you. A calcium supplement needs a lot of other things to make the calcium work. You can’t just take calcium and expect your bones to get stronger. You need utilization and eating a good diet comes into play. Eat foods that help make good strong bones. Steve suggests taking a good multi for a great foundation to start with. Omegas, probiotics, etc. No one supplement offers everything in it. So it’s best to have a great diet and supplement what you’re deficient in. All in all, if you are deficient in certain areas, taking a supplement for it, you will see results within hours if you maintain a great diet. The tip is to eat a great diet full of good carbs, vegetables, fruits, and grains, supplements, and you’ll see the difference.
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