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I’m the kind of workout person who has tried nearly (or all) boutique fitness classes in Los Angeles. It’s not because I can’t pick a favorite—quite the opposite, actually—but when given the choice, I’d like to mix it up or go for an outdoor hike with a friend.

The thing about boutique (and often trendy) classes is that, frankly, it is expensive. Telling my Michigan-based Mom that I spend upwards of $30-$40 per class was completely unbearable and I’d sooner avoid her (loving!) side-eye again. When every gym was shut down starting March 16, I had a minor moment of panic and decided this was a chance to try even more options…this time, virtually, and for a lot less money. Here’s a list detailing what class you should try based on the “mood” you’re in…enjoy!

The “I…I Think I Need A Good Cry” Class:

Try  The Class Digital Studio

the Class Digital
The Class Digital

The cult-followed studios rolled out their digital platform in January for $40 per month (or $400) for the year, and the cathartic practice hosts daily live streams streamed from the Tribeca studio, and also offers sweat-free meditation and other content on their platform. Also available in Europe, I’ve had personal experience conducting group Zoom sessions on one computer with 20+ friends (and friends of friends) spanning the UK, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles as we take the Saturday morning classes with our favorite instructor, Mallory Meeks.

Founder of The Class, Taryn Toomey suggests that “…There is true empowerment that occurs when you provide a space for people to self-actualize and witness their own potential. My hope is that this work [through The Class] serves and supports our students as we move through this time – so that when we reunite, we meet again with a higher state of connectedness.” As a ruminant student of The Class, Toomey suggests that students you feel, whatever it is, whether celebration or grief, to allow you to move through whatever it is and process well to use the body as an instrument to feel, breathe, and practice awareness of thought.

The “I Need To Sweat Some Sh*t Out” Class:

Try LEKFIT Digital

Lekfit digital
Lekfit digital

If you’re looking to connect with your body, mind, and soul while getting a complete, full-body uniquely-curated workout, LEKFIT Digital is $19.99 per month and will leave you incredibly sore and incredibly sweaty. Filmed from their LA studio with their In The Studio (ITS) series, the three workout concepts (HYPE, BOOST and DEFINE) are made for you to mix and match and compliment their Basic series, too. Our favorite is adding a diffuser and supplying a space heater nearby to really rev up your session and sweat it out (in a low-impact, safe environment).

The “I Haven’t Left The House In Weeks + Need To Feel Human Interaction” Class
Try Barry’s At Home

Barrys At Home Bootcamp
Barrys At Home

Launched this week, the Barry’s At Home offers their signature Red Room classes on Zoom for $20 each hosting their traditional weights + tread classes, and now with body weight, bands, or weights-only offerings. Human interaction is in full effect in these max-20 person Zoom 35-minute sessions, where instructors from around the country can nod to your form and virtually mimic the connection you’d normally get from a traditional in-person class, where you can safely interact with your classmates and your instructor. Once booked, you receive a Zoom link to join just before class begins, where a Barry’s moderator will check you in, just like the front desk would

The “I Am Hunched At My WFH Desk Chair For Far Too Long…I Need A Stretch” Class
Try Love Yoga Venice

Love Yoga
More and more people are taking to the mat to find peace during these troubling times, and you can find your flow with the feel of a local studio’s feel-good vibes through this Venice and East LA space. Check out this local haunt for $6 a class, where they use metaphors to articulate the importance of each movement and pose giving you the direction to not only flow but to focus on the correct alignment of each pose.

The “Well, I Can’t Go To The Bar, So I Might As Well Dance At Home” Class
Try The Sculpt Society

The Sculpt Society
The Sculpt Society

Designed by Megan Roup the digital streaming fitness app marries simplified dance cardio with light-body sculpting methods and hosts surprise celebrity guests and new content released each week. For $19.99/month or 50% off if you subscribe for the year (totaling $199.95), The Sculpt Society’s dance-led workouts let you feel the beat into your bones and drive you forward for a full-hour live or pre-recorded dance-a-thon session.

The “I Really, Really Miss My Friends” Class:

Try Training Mate To Go 

Training Mate
The LA staple, Training Mate, is a high-intensity circuit training group hosting hot Australian men (who often don neon pink shorts for ~motivation~). They offer a live stream and library of all previous classes for $99/month and these 30-minute sessions make you feel like you’re with your friends with the lovingly loud Luke Milton, founder of Training Mate, cheering you on and walking you through the workout (you only need basic bands or a basic set of weights!). 

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