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Your Horoscope for the Month of July 2021

Leo season is coming.

Happy July, Amodrn family! It’s officially summer and there are some interesting things happening for every single sign this month. The world is reopening and things are heating up while getting warmer. We’re ready to enjoy ourselves! While you can expect to have a good time this summer, for sure, we’re still in Cancer season, so expect things to be a little more emotional than usual. It’s all about shedding layers and starting anew. We’ve put together a little guide on what’s to come for you for the month of July, a time where we celebrate the start of the summer. Keep reading for more on your July horoscope!

Your 2021 July Horoscope


Aries, there is a comet that will come to pass this month known as Chiron. It will expect a lot out of you and that means it’s time to heal your inner child. You have the full support of everyone around you, so don’t be afraid to take this step. Once Leo season starts, you’ll have time to party, don’t worry!

Your Horoscope Aries
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Taurus, July is going to be a hot hot month for you. Venus will enter Virgo and you’ll feel a sense of confidence and renewal. Expect some romance if you let it into your life.

Your Horoscope Taurus
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Gemini, you and Leo season are a good match. This time of year brings out your natural exuberance and ability to thrive in social situations. You will be oh-so busy so make sure you take the time to rest and give yourself space to live in your truth while we’re still in Cancer season.

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Oh, baby Cancer, we’re in the middle of celebrating you and we’re so excited that you are going to be celebrated in all of your glory. Do you this month, and don’t listen to anybody else. Put a spring in your step and end the month on a happy note before Leo goes into full swing.

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Leo, it’s your season! Happy birthday! We hope you spend this month celebrating yourself (although we kind of don’t doubt that you will). If you’re ready for a big party, there’s no telling how much fun we’ll be having once we enter your season.
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Virgo, for you, it’s a time to be a little more cautious than usual. Spend the first half of the month being careful about communication so that there is nothing that is misunderstood in your life. When Venus enters your sign this month, expect romance to go off the charts. It’s going to be special and oh so beautiful.

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Libra, the balancing of your scales will be recalibrated this month when comets pass through your orbit. You might feel a little more off than usual, but don’t worry, this will only last a short time. Expect everything to come back to normal soon enough!

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It’s all about money for you this month, Scorpio! Make sure that you are on top of what you are spending and putting some away too. We’re anticipating some fun in your future (maybe some travel too) so we’ll need those savings soon enough!

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Your ruling planet is going retrograde this month, Sagittarius, which means that there is a lot happening in your life that you are purging and getting rid of. You might feel like you’re drowning, but it’s okay, it’ll be over soon. You’ll leave the past and bring it forward into the present. Maybe you’ll even fall in love, hmm?

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Capricorn, you are always on the go, working hard, and finding new ways to bring success into your life. But being in Cancer season has you feeling like you’re lacking that sweet, sweet one-on-one time with friends, a lover or partner, and even yourself! Take the time to use the summer’s fun energy to be more comfortable, vulnerable, and at one with yourself.

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Don’t feel guilty about your need for self-care, it’s time to completely be yourself and take a little break from the action. You’re constantly fulfilling the needs of others, there needs to be a moment in time for you, Aquarius.

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Pisces, are you ready to have fun? This month is bringing about a change in your somewhat tumultuous start to the year. You’ll have less stress, more time with friends and family, as well as time to enjoy all that summer has to offer. It should be an interesting July horoscope for you.

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