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Here Are the Top Workouts to Try in 2022

From breathwork classes to indoor cycling.

There’s no better time like the new year to mix things up and try something new, especially when it comes to working out. In fact having a bit of a change may be just what you need to keep yourself motivated for the year ahead. And boy oh boy, does exercise in the future just get cooler and cooler. Here are some of our favorite workouts at the moment and the top workouts to try in 2022. Keep reading for more!

Image: Mathilde Langevin via Unsplash

Here Are the Top Workouts to Try in 2022


Fierce, fun and female, ZADI is one of the hottest workouts to watch, and with more studios opening in 2022, more women will be able to access it. ZADI is a true game-changer, with all workouts developed with the female body in mind and for serious results. With HIIT and functional combination programs on offer, not only are the workouts backed by science, but they pack a punch. Pair that with the beats, great lighting and good vibe and you have a studio that you will never want to leave.

2) Breath Work Classes

Australia’s favorite yogi Kate Kendall has added 45-minute breath work classes to the Flow Athletic timetable. The ancient yogic breath work practices have been proven by modern day science to be highly beneficial so the classes focus on teaching students how to master breath and with it, change the way we work, play and rest. The classes focus on a range of breathing practises to complement energy, improve digestion and sleep, assisting the student in creating an overall feeling of vitality

3) Altitude Training

Combine Air uses the world’s most elite training technology with training programs of purpose, creating fitness benefits that have been preserved for the elite for over 50 years. Currently located in Rozelle and Concord, CA drops daily squad training sessions 3500m above sea level in a simulated altitude training arena. You’ll get a mix of hybrid boxing, resistance and conditioning all on their ‘Field of Green’. Each 50-minute squad-based training session is designed to empower ALL-STARS to live their best life on and off the field, developing a passion for the game whilst instilling teamwork, drive and individual sportsmanship – just like the pros. Add the electric coaches, beats and a squad that supports you through and through… you’re in for one hell of a session.

4) Indoor Cycling

Infinite Cycle uses state-of-the-art smart bikes which tilt 22 degrees in each direction – just like a real bike. This technology doesn’t just make the workout more thrilling (and realistic), it also delivers serious physical benefits. The movement of the bike forces muscles to engage that wouldn’t otherwise fire-up when riding a regular stationary bike. The result? Compared to other stationary bikes, you’ll burn 20% more calories, work your core and upper body way harder, and protect your joints from the unnatural stressors that are usually part-and-parcel with riding normal indoor cycles.

The smart bikes also track your progress giving you stats and updates on your results in real-time to keep you accountable and help you stay motivated to hit your goals. With pumping tunes, flashing lights and an electrifying virtual race to get your competitive drive firing, Infinite Cycle provides a spin class experience like no other!

5) BFT

Train like an elite athlete at BFT! Founded by Cameron Fallon, who has an impressive resume being the strength and conditioning coach for several International soccer and leading AFL teams, BFT offers unique progressive programming that is driven by results. The 50-minute workouts are programmed to help reduce fat and create lean muscle. Additionally, BFT structure their programs into progressive 6-8 week blocks, moving through a range of movement patterns and stimulus during a block to reach a peak at 8 weeks, before shifting focus to a new block. This approach ensures results but also reduces the risk of injury or burn out.

Technology is also at the heart of what BFT do. Programs are displayed on screens so that members can easily follow the workout, allowing the trainers to spend more time coaching and improving technique. They also use innovative heart rate technology to ensure members are working at the right level for each session, driving results.

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