Here Are 5 Wellness Trends Set to Rise in 2022

From technology to mindfulness.

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With health and wellness studios being thrown into disarray world wide over the past two years, it will be interesting to see what 2022 brings. Does the new variant show us that virtual workouts and technology that allows us to exercise within the comfort of our homes are here to stay? We asked some of the world’s premiere athletes and fitness experts what they thought about the future of wellness. Keep reading for more on the top trends that we expect to see in the year 2022.

Image: Mark Adriane via Unsplash

Here Are 5 Wellness Trends Set to Rise in 2022

1) Mindfulness

During the pandemic there was a surge in the use of meditation and mindfulness apps, and for good reason, as there has been so much uncertainty over the past two years. This is a trend that is likely to stay. “While most people jump onto the mindfulness bandwagon as a result of feeling stressed, I do feel that the use of meditation and mindfulness apps is here to stay” says Luke McLeod founder of virtual meditation studio Soul Alive. “Looking after your mindset as part of your lifestyle is just as important as going to the gym to look after your body, it may even be more important, however most people won’t even try to look after themselves until they are burnt out, stressed and anxious. Lets make 2022 the year of self awareness and the year of prevention”

2) Group training

2022 will see a return to gyms, particularly group training gyms! People are bored of isolated home workouts, and want to get back into their favorite studios! “After two years of doing isolated workouts from our lounge rooms, we have seen an influx of people taking up memberships at our BFT studios” says Cameron Fallon the founder and group CEO of BFT. “As humans, we crave connection. We want to train with people, we like the buzz and the energy of the studio. 2022 will certainly be a busy year for our fitness studios.

3) Technology

There was no shortage of technology innovations in 2020 and 2021, and this is a trend that will likely keep growing with even greater improvements. The biggest trend that is on the rise is connected fitness with brands such as Peloton and Vitruvian making a huge splash this year. While Peloton is the OG in the space, an Aussie brand called Vitruvian is hot on their heels with their innovative Vitruvian Trainer + machine  that is changing the way we resistance train. Inside a slimline carbon fibre platform are two very small, very powerful motors that deliver digital weight via adaptive algorithmic technology and two retractable cables. The resistance generated ranges from 0kg to 200kg.

Vitruvian operates by smart algorithms that constantly respond to the way you move. By reading your range of motion and the speed that you’re performing an exercise, the weight rapidly adjusts, up to 50 times per second, to both challenge and support you to maximize each rep, while also acting as a spotter. Outside of connected fitness, there are also all types of innovations in heart rate technology, exercise and food trackers that you can download straight to your phone. All of which are designed to ensure you can measure your progress and get results.

4) Stand-up paddle boarding

The ultimate socially distanced workout, stand-up paddle boarding has been booming since the pandemic hit, with inflatable boards such as  those from Red Paddle Co certainly making their mark. Inflatable SUP allows the paddler to hike through the bush and find hidden waterways to explore. It has been a godsend for people missing travel and looking for adventures during lockdown. Nature and the water is so important for mental health, plus it is an surprisingly good workout.

5) Say see ya to fasting and hello to intermittent fasting

While fasting normally means going without any food for a period of time, intermittent fasting is a modern, easier approach where you stop eating for a part of each day or restrict your calorie intake for a few days each week. So what are the benefits? Gabrielle from the The Fast 800 healthy lifestyle program lets us know below.

  • A greater loss of fat than on a conventional calorie restricted diet
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced blood sugars and insulin resistance
  • A nutritious, high-fibre diet which can improve bowel function
  • Possible improvements in brain function and mood
  • Bolstered immunity

So what should you eat? Ultimately, it comes down to balance of protein, fibre and healthy fats, which is essentially the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Full-fat yoghurt is good
  • Have high-quality proteins
  • Eat more healthy fats and oils
  • Eat plenty of different colored veggies
  • Fibre from legumes and whole grains
  • Nuts
  • A little bit of dark chocolate and red wine is fine

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