The Healthiest Snacks to Scoop Up at the Airport, According to a Celebrity Nutritionist

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Summer’s almost over, but it seems like everyone is desperately trying to fit in their last bikini-friendly vacation of the season in the next few weeks. And then, in just a few short months, we’ll be jetting off for the holiday season.
We’re pretty healthy travelers here at Amodrn—we try to go on a run around the city on our first day in a new place, and explore the boutique fitness scene wherever we go—but the one place we always feel confused? The food court at the airport.
Is it better to fast, or eat something? Is it safe to eat the plane snacks … or should we shell out $15 for a cold-pressed juice sold at Hudson Booksellers instead? “It’s always going to be best to bring your own food to the airport: raw crudite with an olive oil based hummus, apples with nut butter, home made trail mix.” explains Kara Griffin, the celebrity nutritionist and trainer behind Feel This With Kara. “Whatever it is, the chances are you’ll make something healthier for yourself than the items that have to stay shelf stabilized in the airport.”
But, if you’re in a bind or low on time, it’s still possible to find a healthy option at your airport… if you know what to look for. We sat down with Griffin to learn more about the best options for healthy travelers.

Anything that you’d see in the wild without packaging

“Gravitate towards whole foods where you can find them. Sure your apple may be wrapped in plastic (#thumbsdown) but at least you know that it’s coming from nature rather than a food plant. A lot of airports are becoming more aware of the wellness traveler so you can find fruit in veggies at the bigger city hubs. If you need a more substantial meal, go for salads since they’ll traditionally be the lowest in salt and sugar, things that can further bloat you as you fly.If there aren’t any, erm, natural items to snack on try these other packaged foods that’ll get you through your flight.”

Coconut Water

“Mix a pack of protein powder with coconut water for some quick sustenance. Bring a blender bottle for easy mixing or just stir together in a coffee to go cup. (Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.) It’s the next best thing for when your green smoothie for sure won’t make it past TSA.”

Peeled Dried Fruit

“They’re a packaged food but at least the only ingredient is the fruit that’s in the bag. No additives!”

Kind Bars

“Go for the flavors that have 5g of sugar or less. (It’ll note it on the package.) It’s certainly not great that they have added sugar but it’s a lesser evil. Speaking of lesser evil…”

Lesser Evil Popcorn

“You know it by the Buddha on the package. Go for the Himalayan Sea Salt flavor since it’s popped with coconut oil. Avoid the kettle corn flavor for added sugar.”

Bonus: Cibo Express is the airport MVP

“If you can find a Cibo Express, they usually have the healthiest options. I’ve been able to get RX Bars, Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal, veggie sushi rolls, full salads and other surprising healthy snacks there.”

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