This Chic New Performance Wear Collection Is Made Out Of Jade & Fish Scales!

Whether it’s reflecting on our high school days or a family holiday, isn’t it funny how we only ever remember the good parts? There’s even a term for it: rosy retrospection—when we look back on the past more positively than we judge the present. I find this happens every year for me with summer. When I’m buried under 20 layers of clothing in winter, I become nostalgic for those balmy days when I can wear shorts and a singlet. And when I’m shivering under the heater, I yearn for those long beach days when it doesn’t get dark until 7pm!
Of course, when wearing my rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia, I forget about the not-so-great things about summer. For instance, the sweat, the sunburn and the boiling nights that make it nearly impossible to sleep. But perhaps the biggest downside to summer is that horrible feeling when your clothes stick to you (chafing, anyone?) That’s why I was so excited when I saw athleisure brand ONU’s new collection, Ar e Luz.

Designed by Brazilian atelier Karina Kulig, the range uses innovative technology to keep wearers cool and comfortable during the warmer months. The breezy garments are made from ONU’s signature Artlyte fabric, which combines quick-drying polyester, spandex, and a special ingredient: jade. Yep, jade as in the semi-precious gemstone used in jade rolling. Aparently, it dissipates heat and slowly absorbs it and has anti-microbrial properties, keeping you cool and fresh when smashed and infused into the fabric.
The Ar e Luz fabrics include another surprising ingredient too: fish scales! Well, more specifically, Umorfil, a biodegradable fiber made of a viscose fiber bound to collagen peptide amino acids sourced from recycled fish scales. While it sounds a bit fishy, it’s packed with loads of benefits, from UV protection to sweat-wicking moisture management. It also has a silky, crepe-like feel that is cool to the touch and moisturising for the skin. Seriously, could it be any more perfect for summer?
The clothes will make you look just as cool as you feel, with a laidback, sporty chic feel.  Each piece is simple enough that it can be worn anywhere from the beach to the bar and even the office. You can check out some of our top picks below or head to ONU to shop the entire range.

Split Leg Culottes

Shop the culottes.

Reflect Skirt

Shop the skirt.

Open-back Dress

Shop the dress.

Short Sleeve Bomber

Shop the bomber.

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