What Does Your Sex Life Have to Do With Your Finances?

Bank account looking a little sad? Maybe you need to start getting laid more often.
At least that’s what holistic sex and relationship expert, Kim Anami, believes. Anami coaches clients around the world on how to have more passionate, fulfilled, healthy lives—and to her, it’s obvious that sex and money are related.

Sex and money are both second chakra issues. When your sexual flow is revved up, you tend to see an increase in cash flowing in.

We sat down with Anami to learn a little more about what she meant and how we could harness our “sexual flow” to improve our financial growth. Keep scrolling to see what we learned.

What is sexual flow?

Sexual flow is when you are in touch with your sexual energy and inhabiting it. This becomes something you wear and emulate out in the world, and is a very attractive quality of confidence and natural sensuality.
Also, when you and your partner are in sync. You feel sexually and emotionally connected. You “come together” in every sense.

How is your sexual flow related to your prosperity and abundance?

Sexual energy is creative energy. It’s the energy that creates new life! If you aren’t making babies with it, then you can learn how to harness that energy and channel it out into the world.

What are three ways to get back into your sexual flow?

  • Self-pleasuring daily, if single.
  • Weekly sex dates with partner.
  • Commit to 30 days of sex—either with self or partner.

What can you do to get back into a financial flow?

  • Overall prioritizing sex and communication with a partner.
  • Regular self-pleasuring.
  • Seeking pleasure and fulfillment. Building in activities that are about sheer fun in your life. The universe wants to see you happy and giving your gifts in the world. When you do, it responds in kind by supporting you.

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