Have You Ever Experienced the Blended Orgasm?

A place where the g-spot and clitoris meet to create something beautiful.

Blended orgasm they call her alfie love gel
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For those of us with vaginas, achieving orgasm through sex is a complex task. Because the clitoris is our pleasure center, penetration can often only go so far before other activities get involved (for some of us). Then there are the lucky ones, who have gone there many dreams to go, blended orgasm heaven. A place where the g-spot and clitoris meet to create something beautiful. What is a blended orgasm, you might ask? We dove into what this dual climax is and feels like. Keep reading for more!

blended orgasm
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What Is a Blended Orgasm?

The blended orgasm is any combination of having two (or even more!) orgasms at the same exact time. The two most popular ones, clitoral and vaginal, are mostly experienced by people with vaginas, by there are a lot more than you can have. From anal to the nipple, you can read about them all here in Health Magazine. Having an orgasm can help you discover more about what kind of pleasure you more so enjoy. Having more than one time can come from being more in tune with your body and learning what you like and how to get there.

The Clitoral Orgasm 

Did you know the clitoris’s only purpose is to give its owner pleasure? Insane (and super cool), right? According to Lora di Carlo, it’s actually a lot bigger and more complex than we might realize, and “it’s made up of the glans, the external hooded portion of the clitoris (this is the part most people are familiar with) and the body, the internal continuation of the glans.” It also includes the crura, which is “internal and extends from the body to the left and right and wraps around the vaginal opening. The bulbs are also internal and are in front of the crura, connecting at the front of the vaginal wall. This roughly 10cm-long-wonder is packed with more than 8,000 nerve-endings.” In fact, 68% of people that they surveyed prefer clitoral stimulation, and 36.6% of people cannot climax without that stimulation.

Because 68% of people with vaginas say external and internal stimulation of the clitoris is the most pleasurable, (the G-Spot is actually part of the clitoris, but we’ll get to that in a moment) it’s not surprising that 36.6% of people need external clitoral stimulation to climax.

blended orgasms
Image: We Vibe Wow Tech via Unsplash

The G-Spot Orgasm

Something we didn’t know was that the vaginal canal itself has very few nerve endings (whomp whomp). But, there is a silver lining. The g-spot! It is actually part of the clitoris and can be stimulated internally through your vaginal wall. According to Lora di Carlo, it is “located approximately two inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall, the G-spot is a small patch of erectile tissue and nerves. This is the point where the bulbs of the clitoris connect to the front of the vaginal wall.”

What Does it Feel Like?

Many reports that this type of orgasm feels like the most intense orgasm they’ve ever had. It’s a full-bodied feeling that goes from your pelvis to your core and abdomen. Something that you can’t go wrong with is making sure you’re wet down there. We like to use the They Call Her Alfie Love Gel for just that.

We love the They Call Her Alfie Love Gel for everything sexual wellness and especially for attempting to achieve the ever-so-amazing blended orgasm. The always sold out They Call Her Alfie’s Love Gel is a lightweight gel that is applied prior to sexual activity to the clitoris to help promote a heightened and more sensitive experience. And it comes with a bang for its buck because not only does it get you in a desirable and horny mood, but their Love Gel also hydrates, soothes, and rejuvenates when used on a regular basis. It’s incredible before sex and it’s incredible for the health of the vagina. Shop here.

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blended orgasm
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