5 gluten free pastas that taste like the real thing

Speak to any coeliac and they’ll surely tell you that giving up gluten would be a whole lot easier if it weren’t for pasta. There’s nothing quite as comforting as finishing off the day with those long, golden strands of dough bathing in Napoletana sauce, sprinkled (read: dolloped) with parmesan. And while we’re advocates of the zoodle craze, there’s no denying that sometimes the healthy alternative doesn’t quite conquer the carb-cravings.
The good news? Gluten free pasta brands are debuting at a fast boil and they’re not just found at the health food shop. Many household names are kneading a dough free of gluten that matches their regular pasta range in silky texture and sweet, sweet taste. Seriously, you won’t believe it’s not pasta!

5 gluten free pastas that are healthy and delicious

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1. Orgran

Every Orgran product is free from gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy, egg, yeast and GMO. They are dedicated to making sure their products are allergy-safe with a no cross-contamination promise. While their pasta is all these things, it can also add multi-award winning to the list!  Offering a wide range of choice, Orgran’s combinations include quinoa, rice and corn, rice and millet, vegetable, buckwheat and amaranth yet it must be noted that rie flour tends to form the base of most, with the extra ingredient adding slight nutritional variation.
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2. Barilla

Certified gluten free and non-GMO, Barilla’s rice and corn pasta is just as good as its wheat counterpart. With 140 years experience, this family-run, traditional Italian brand knows not disappoint nonna so you can be sure that their gluten free variety is almost identical in nutritional value, texture and taste. Available in spaghetti, penne and elbows.
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3. San Remo

Household favourite, San Remo offer all your most-loved pasta styles, sin gluten. You’ll find lasagne, macaroni and even a whole range of raviolis such as chicken and porcini mushroom, pear with walnut and gorgonzola and even balsamic beetroot and feta. Maize flour forms the base of the standard gluten free range or you can choose from their buckwheat, brown rice or egg alternatives.
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4. Eco Organics

Aside from the edamame and mung bean amalgamation, each of eco organics’ pastas contain only two ingredients – 100% certified organic bean and water. Available in black bean, adzuki bean, mung bear or soy bean, they’re slightly more dense than regular pasta but if cooked correctly can turn al dente. Extremely high in protein with over 40 grams per 100g serve (more than four times that of regular pasta) and low in fat, Eco Organics is a nutritious alternative.
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5. About Life

Our favourite one-stop-shop for all our health food needs, About Life do their own range of delicious, brown rice pasta. With a similar taste and consistency to wholemeal pasta, it is perfect for both tomato and cream based pasta dishes. A healthy alternative to the wheat version that is just as tasty, About Life’s brown rice pasta comes in penne, spirals and spaghetti.

Still not convinced? Why not get in the kitchen and make a mess by trying your skills at some authentic Italian pasta dough from the one and only, Jamie Oliver? Recipe here. 

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