Bianca Cheah shares the running outfit that ticks all the right boxes

Are you one of those runners who just wears whatever is in your wardrobe (don’t worry my husband wears his swimming shorts time and time again), or are you the type who will only wear performance enhancing clothing (that’s me!)?

If you’re the former, then that’s ok, but I’d like to share why I always wear performance enhancing clothing whilst working out and why this outfit in particular ticks all the right boxes.

Why I always wear performance enhancing active wear

1. They go the distance

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that the biggest distraction when running is a pair of ill-fitting tights – sliding down mid-run, then constantly pulling them up…it’s a downright annoying! But I think I’ve found a solution; Nike’s Power Speed Tight. With a compression-like feel and a uber cool screen-printed pattern that provides support to my tired muscles, these tights not only stay put, but give my pb’s a run for their money.

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

2. They run with me

Being on the slightly bustier side (I’m a 10C), running can sometimes be a little annoying (and uncomfortable) if I’m not wearing the right bra (if you get my drift). There have even been times where I’ll double up wearing a sports bra to really hold them in place! For me it’s about my breasts running with me, not around me. That’s why I love Nike’s Pro Classic Bra. Crafted from ultra-soft Dri-FIT jersey fabric, this chic sports bra offers a snug support, seamless finish and sweat-wicking capabilities, which keeps me cool and comfortable during any workout.

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

3. It’s about the ride

Before you go on your next run, I highly recommend that you get your gait checked. This way, you’ll know exactly what type of shoes you should be running in. So many times I see people running in the wrong types of shoes (ouch), and I think of the damage this could be doing to their muscles and bones. For me, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 work a treat. Since I have a slightly flatter foot, the Pegasus works to balance out the pronation and provide a stable ride with their highly responsive cushioning. No more sore ankles or knock knees haha!

Nike Pegasus black and white runners, Bianca Cheah

4. Comfort always wins

I used to be all about fashion and style when running, and while look still plays a big part, these days I also look for comfort and support. When I’m mid-run, there’s nothing worse than running with a damp and cold top (I’ve got shivers thinking about it!). But thank goodness the fitness geniuses at Nike global headquarters have invented their very own sweat-wicking technology. And it’s for this very reason that I always run with a top crafted from this fabric. And this season, I’m all about the Nike Dri-FIT Knit Half-Zip! Ventilated where I need it most, this sleek top is a must-have.

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

Bianca Cheah

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