Tone Your Glutes With This Killer Cardio Workout

It's time to work (off) those buns.

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We’re two weeks from Christmas but well into the festive season. Have you started the celebrations already? Perhaps you’ve been trying to stay mindful—sticking to guilt-free treats and choosing the healthiest cocktail on the menu? We’re all doing our best to avoid the inevitable weight gain.
Along with healthy food choices, maintaining regular exercise can go a long way to burning off that gingerbread nice-cream. And since we’re particularly busy during this period, it’s important to get the most out our time at the gym. So to help you out, founder of Barre Body, Emma Seibold has put together a six-part workout series designed to get you burning calories, STAT.
Since we’ve already worked our arms and legs, this week’s killer cardio workout will focus on the glutes. It can be done anywhere, anytime, so there’s no reason not to bust it out on your healthy holiday. Do it as a single workout or add it on to the first three weeks for a full-body burn.

In The Flow With Emma Seibold: Part 4

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