Hate Crunches? Try This 5-Minute Abs Workout

Because, who has 8 minutes these days?

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Image: Victoria's Secret

Remember ‘8-minute Abs’? That 90’s video with the fitness instructors in blue tights and white singlets. It promised to give you a six pack in eight minutes. Well, this is the twenty-tens’ version. It’s only five minutes (who has eight minutes these days?), doesn’t include crunches, and comes with a much more stylish trainer: founder of Barre Body, Emma Seibold. 
That being said, while it’s an update, it still has one thing in common: it hurts. So if you’ve been tucking into the treats lately—and noticing the bloat—try this workout. Take it on its own or add it on to the first four parts of our six-week series for a 25-minute sweat session.

In The Flow With Emma Seibold: Part 5

Want more workouts like this one? Now you can enjoy your favourite Barre Body class from the comfort of your home with Barre Body Online.

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