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This Is The Ultimate Gift Guide For Your Emily In Paris Obsessed Friend

In honor of the show's second season, we put together a list of some of the things that make us feel like we've traveling.

A little while ago, the world fell in love with a television show that could take them away into a different universe. One where Europe was still open to Americans, where you could fall in love with a new city, one that was full of wonder and light. We’re talking about the cult favorite, Emily In Paris. The lead character, Emily, is taken from cold and rainy Chicago to lead her agency’s takeover of a French marketing firm. She goes through pre-COVID challenges like crazy work demands, balancing love and work, and trying not to sleep with her hot neighbor. Recently, the show was renewed for a second season. Wait, does this mean that it might take place in a COVID-19 world where Emily and Gabriel do lockdown in the same building together?

In honor of Emily In Paris coming back and Christmas coming soon, we’ve put together a gift guide for the person that’s obsessed with the show. These items make us feel like we’re in the show. Who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll be in Paris to reenact the show. Keep reading for more. This is our Ultimate Emily In Paris Gift Guide.

The Ultimate Emily In Paris Gift Guide

1) Argaux Blind Tasting Kit, Quarantine Edition ($100 – $150)

emily in paris
Image: Courtesy of Argaux

Feel like you’re sitting at an outdoor café with this tasting kit from Argaux! You’ll get three bottles of either sparkling, white, or red wine to choose from and you and your quarantine buddies can figure out which is which.

2) Equal Parts The Cookware Set ($325)

emily in paris
Image: Courtesy of Equal Parts

It may not be Gabriel’s never-washed cast iron skillet, but it’s non-stick and will cook anything you dream of. This four-piece set is perfect for any type of meal.

3) Kosterina The Full Kosterina Collection ($175)

best christmas gifts
Image: Courtesy of Kosterina

Some of the most delicious olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and chocolate that you’ll ever taste. Cook with ease and top it off with a light dessert. The combination of these items is the staples of what you’d find in the French kitchen.

4) 437 The Mocha Set ($100)

best christmas gifts
Image: Courtesy of 437

A two-piece set is definitely the fashion vibe in the new age of Paris! To give it more of a French twist, put on a red lip and add a blazer.

5) Vitamin A Playa Shirt ($120)

best christmas gift
Image: Courtesy of Vitamin A

This is the perfect “wake up and drink an espresso while looking out of your small Parisian window” shirt. Comfy, cute, and perfect to share with a lover.

6) DL1961 Ultra High Rise Instasculpt Jeans ($189)

emily in paris
Image: Courtesy of DL1961

This sexy, romantic style is perfect for day to night. These sculpting leggings are lovely for any shape.

7) BYREDO Bal d’Afrique Eau du Parfum ($180)

emily in paris
Image: Courtesy of BYREDO

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