Are Eco Capsules the future of cool portable living?

Would you live in an Eco Capsule pod house?

Would you live in an Eco Capsule pod house? That’s the big question. We weren’t sure until we started researching, but now, trust us, we would! And we’re pretty sure you’d love it too.
These super-intelligently-designed eco dwellings have not only been created with the future of the environment in mind, but are a portable low-energy house that will suit any traveller, researcher, tourist or even people like you and I who yearn to travel the country with a greener footprint.
The Eco Capsule is a small, low-energy home packed into a very stylish energy efficient shape that comes with a warm bed, running water, built in kitchenette, flushing toilet, hot shower and a hot meal.
Even though small in size, it has all the luxuries of a hotel room and can even house two adults with its efficient spatial layout. But don’t be fooled by its tiny look; there’s still plenty of storage space to fit your clothing and shoes.
Eco Capsule interior

So how does the Eco Capsule get electricity?

Powered by a built-in retractable wind turbine and high efficiency solar cells that charge up a high capacity battery, so you’re guaranteed plenty of power during times of reduced solar or wind activity. In fact, the battery could support you and a partner almost a whole year in many off-grid locations.
There’s a good reason the Eco Capsule is spherical too. It’s optimised for the collection of rainwater and dew. The built-in water filters allow you to utilise any water source.
Eco Capsule, future pod homes

So how do you get around with it?

Believe it or not, this little Eco Capsule home can actually fit into a standard shipping container and can be shipped, airlifted, towed or even pulled by pack animals.
Love these as much as we do? Then head on over to to pop your name down and to be one of the first to own one of these futuristic and way-of-the-future pod homes. They still haven’t released a price (apparently we’ll know by the end of 2015) but we’re already saving our dollars!
Eco Capsule, home pods Eco Capsule, home pods Eco Capsule, home pods Eco Capsule, home pods

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