Daily habits of highly successful people worth copying

Hint: they're all things you can do too!

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They’re smart, they’re driven, they’re successful and (clearly) pretty wise too. We asked five brilliant young Australian entrepreneurs to each share the key habits they practice every day to send productivity soaring. (Hint: they’re all things you can do too!)

Meet the entrepreneurs

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1. JULIE STEVANJA (co-founder and CEO of Stylerunner) says:


“I like to rise early, be grateful and set an intention, such as ‘today I will be a better leader, I will practice empathy’ or ‘I will spend more time with the team’. Unless you set an intention to improve the way you work, all you’ll accomplish will be tasks.
“Secondly, it is so crucial to stop and priortise. I start by brainstorming a list of absolutely everything that needs to be done. (If you don’t,  it takes up valuable mental energy.) Then I work out which are ‘mission critical’ priorities, then which are important but I’ll make time for next week (then book them in immediately!) and which I can come back to.
“Of the mission critical items, work out if there is anything you can delegate, and start to work through the rest in order of priority.
1.Rise early, be grateful and set an intention for the day
2. Stop and prioritise, brainstorming a list of the urgents
3. List the immediate priorities which are important but you’ll make time for next week (then book that in immediately)
4. Don’t confuse URGENT with IMPORTANT. Urgent tasks are often not as important as your top priorities

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2. BIANCA CHEAH (founder and managing director of Amodrn) says:


“I try to wake up when the sun is just rising and do a big stretch in bed. Not only does a stretch feel ah-mazing but it melts away the fascia that has built up over your muscles during your sleep, enabling you to move easier throughout the morning.”

“Waking at sunrise is my favourite part of the day as it puts a big smile on my face, giving me more time to complete my daily tasks. I rarely sleep in as I feel like I’m missing out on the day and what I could be doing.”


1. Get up early and watch the sunrise

2. Write a to-do list every morning

3. Dedicate an hour every morning to respond to emails

4. Do yoga every day, even if it’s for an hour or just sitting in poses while watching TV. You’ll always find me doing a bit of yoga to calm my mind and stretch the muscles after the office

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 3.  LISA MESSENGER (Entrepreneur and found of The Collective) says: 


“I have certain ‘not negotiable’ rituals, such as very single morning I do at least an hour of exercise, whether that be the beautiful Bondi to Bronte walk or boxing in the park. I also have a green smoothie on my desk every single day. Nourish your body from the inside out and your productivity levels and mindset within the workplace will thank you right back.”


1. Do one hour of exercise every day

2. Enjoy a green smoothie and have it sitting on your desk

3. Nourishing your body from the inside out

Visit The Collective here

Justin Hemmes

4.  JUSTIN HEMMES (CEO of the Merivale Group) says:


“I use downtime at night to plan and contemplate the next day and issues at hand. My coffee ritual first thing in the morning with my lover is something I really treasure. I also try to squeeze in an ocean swim, though that sometimes can prove difficult with my work schedule. It is imperative within my company that I follow my intuition and trust my gut instinct. Finally, I remind myself to just breathe.”


1.Have down time the night before a busy day

2. Make time for coffee first thing in the morning

3. Fit in some exercise outdoors, like an ocean swim

4. Remember to breathe!

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Oscar Martin

5. OSCAR MARTIN (founder and managing director of Pedestrian TV) says


“I used to be a pretty anxious person, worrying about most things; Meditation has changed the way I deal with stressful situations. The old me was quite aggressive and quick to form an opinion without taking a moment to look from the other side. In my opinion knowing what someone else wants out of a situation is the most effective negotiating tool.

“For those who don’t meditate, I’m sure you’re as skeptical as I once was. Do yourselves a favour and change your life here – just 20 minutes each morning and evening is more than enough.”


Visit Pedestrian TV here

Remember, success is a 24/7 lifestyle choice. Let’s get moving!

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