This breakfast staple has 70% more protein than your regular brand

Don't change your food, just change your brand.

You’re probably well aware that eating breakfast is one of the most important things you can do for general health and wellbeing but did you know that what you choose to eat is just as important? Protein is an essential part of a healthy, balanced diet and ideally should be spread across the day to form part of each meal, including breakfast1.

Just like all cars need petrol to function properly, similarly, along with a balanced diet our bodies need essential nutrients, like protein, to function effectively. And topping up your breakfast with some protein will help you get a more even spread of this key nutrient throughout the day. Moreover, eating a protein-packed meal, particularly in the 24 hours after a workout, can help promote muscle growth and repair1.
Despite this, the A.M. hours are notorious for leaving you tight on time, making it all too easy to ignore your grumbling stomach or nosh on a croissant on the bus to work.

In fact, while most Australians are getting enough protein overall, research shows Australians are only getting 15 per cent of their total daily protein intake at breakfast time2.

While meat, fish, and poultry may have stellar amounts of this nutrient, they are by no means the only sources of protein. Dairy foods also contain high-quality dairy protein. The Complete Dairy is Australia’s first all-natural (thanks to cold-filtration technology), high-protein and lower-lactose milk, with 70% more protein and 25% less lactose than regular full cream milk. Not to mention, it has the same great creamy milk taste you’ve come to know and love. So it can be used everyday on breakfast cereal, in tea, coffee, in smoothies or as a refreshing cool drink by itself.

So make the change and boost your mornings with The Complete Dairy milk.

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1 Australian Institute of Sports. Protein Factsheet, 2009. Available from:
2 Source: ABS National Nutrition Survey 2011-2012, CSIRO Secondary Analysis
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