Meet Urban Yoga: the NYC-inspired loft studio in Dubai

The stylish workout space to see and be seen in.

Urban Yoga, Dubai, NYC-inspired loft studio

Dubai is one of those cities where it’s easy to get lost. Lost in the vast desert of sand and dry heat, lost in the middle of a market souk, lost in the culture or the world class boutiques, heck, maybe just plain lost in translation. So if you’re looking for some downtime and a place to reconnect in the midst of all the extravagance, look no further than Urban Yoga.

An urban oasis with stunning views

Located in Business Bay, the converted warehouse features two NYC-inspired loft studios, the larger of the two boasting high ceilings and a view of downtown Jumeira and the sea. With friendly instructors and a playful, light-hearted approach, the beautiful setting lets you relax and enjoy a blissful class focusing on physical and mental wellbeing. Choose from an array of yoga styles ranging from Vinyasa Flow to a more traditional Ashtanga Primary Series or Yin and restorative stretching. Something is sure to satisfy your inner yogi (and even the little yogi within you at pre-natal yoga!). Showers and locker rooms are also on hand, plus a retail area and space to hang back after class if you feel so inclined.

With the occasional rooftop yoga set among the urban backdrop of the Dubai Skyline, or the club-like scene of Glow Flow, a dark room featuring neon cladded yogis, upbeat tunes and a heavy dose of lighthearted fun, something tells us Urban Yoga is the workout space to see and be seen in.

Urban Yoga

Address: 3701 Aspect Tower, Executive Towers, Business Bay, Dubai


Instagram: @urbanyogadubai


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