Here's How 'Cow Cuddling' Can Improve Your Mental Health

It might just be your wellness solution!

Puppy yoga rocked our world when it was announced, and needless to say, it made our vinyasa flow all the more adorable to be joined by tiny dogs alongside our mats. And now, there’s another animal-themed wellness solution that’s made it into the industry. It’s called cow cuddling, and as the name clearly suggests, it’s all about cozying up with some oh-so-cute farm animals.
The Mountain Horse Farm in Naples, New York (roughly 300 miles northwest of New York City) is one of the hottest locations to offer the cow cuddling wellness retreat, which, while it does not feature riding, includes walking, petting, brushing, and yes, snuggling.

cow cuddling
Photo by Alaina McLearnon on Unsplash

“Let [the animals] be your guides in practicing mindfulness and be playful together,” Mountain Horse Farm notes on their website. “They can help you work through obstacles in your life and help you find a new way when you feel stuck.”

The intuitive and sensitive animals provide not only comfort and relaxation, but companionship and coziness, also thanks to their higher body temperature. A simply cozy moment, or an extended cuddle session could be what your body and soul have been craving.
The all-inclusive retreats offer time with the animals, who are also able to pick up on emotional distress, for $300 for a couple. But the benefits don’t quite end there. Mountain Horse Farm also notes that the animals help in building confidence and overcoming fear, all without judgement or negativity.
And since hugs, emotional connection, and animals have all been proven to help enhance our mental health, merging all three might just be the key to improving our stress levels. All we need is a 1,000-pound animal to do the trick.

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