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These Are The Best Yoga Mats — According to Yogi Bianca Cheah

It's safe to say if a yogi recommends it, then we'll buy it!

When the pandemic hit and businesses started to close, we found our lives at a standstill. So much of our routine comes from a busy, scheduled life, including the way we exercise and do things for our health and wellness. While we miss many things (concerts, dining, seeing our family, etc.), bidding adieu to our yoga studio made sure our wellbeing took a hit. Nonetheless, we transformed and transitioned into a new era of working out. the home gym. Our favorite teachers set up classes online, and all we needed to do was roll down our yoga mat and go on with our practice. So we spoke to our favorite yogi and certified yoga teacher, Bianca Cheah, on which ones she recommends. Bianca has tried many yoga mats over the years, so it’s safe to say if a yogi recommends it, then we’ll buy it! Here’s a round-up of some of her favorites that she loves.

From Alo Yoga to lululemon, here are some of the best yoga mats that we love for an amazing practice. Keep reading for more!

The Best Yoga Mats to Kickstart Your At-Home Workout Routine

1) lululemon Reversible Yoga Matt 3mm ($58)

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Image: Courtesy of Lululemon

“This lululemon mat has got to be one of my favorites, I’ve tried many yoga mats in my days and this one by far is the one I’ll always roll out day in and day out. It has 3 mm of softness to cushion your body in any position and bonus, it’s reversible! You can also count on the super grippy side to help you balance during practice. A go-to for all my floor-based workouts,” says yoga expert Bianca Cheah.

Shop lululemon Reversible Yoga Matt 3mm ($58).

2) Alo Yoga Warrior Mat ($100)

best yoga mats
Image: Courtesy of Alo Yoga

“I love that Alo Yoga’s Warrior Mat is rigorously tested for everything under the sun. It’s also non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and PVC-free, perfect for safe and clean practice. Also super grippy, and I love that they do this light blush shade,” says Bianca.

Shop here.

3) Manduka Pro 6mm Yoga Mat ($120)

best yoga mats
Image: Courtesy of Manduka

“This one is built to last for a lifetime! If you’re practicing every day, you want this mat’s superior support, stability, and joint protection. Did we mention this mat is foldable?! Easy to store, amazing to use, and one of a kind. I rank this one as my 2nd favorite,” says Bianca Cheah.

Shop here.

4) Jade Yoga Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 5mm ($79.95)

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Image: Courtesy of Jade Yoga

“This one from Jade Yoga is on the lower end of pricing (great for our wallets), and super well-rated! Get great traction and long-lasting durability for a cheaper price with Jade Yoga. Bonus points for it being natural with no PVC.”

Shop here.

5) Gaiam Premium Two-Color Yoga Mat ($29.95)

best yoga mats
Image: Courtesy of Gaiam

“Ok, so this one is the best bang for your buck, for sure! A well-trusted mat that has withstood the test of time. We love this mat from Gaiam because it takes us back to the early days of our practice (and it’s not too bad of a price, either). It will keep you sticking to your mat through every position, not a hand slip in sight! It’s also reversible and latex-free.”

Shop here.

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