How Transdermal Skincare Products Triple the Potency of Ingredients

You'd be shocked to know our skin only absorbs a portion of the ingredients that are marketed to us.

You’d be surprised to know that the skin only absorbs a portion of the actual ingredients from the products you put on your face. It’s a disappointing fact to know that your good money has been going to waste. This little known information is why skincare boosters are on the rise. These boosters are like tiny, little transports that are non-toxic and get the skin to absorb more of your product’s ingredients. The technology is called ‘Transdermal Delivery Technology’, and some brands are being extra intelligent about adding these boosters to all their products. This triples their efficacy rate within the skin, so you get all you pay for in the end. So, where can you buy these brands?
Unfortunately, the tech isn’t sold by itself. However, there are some brands that have created serums that aim to amplify your skincare as soon as you add it to your routine. We’ve gathered up a list of some of the best transdermal skincare products for you to try. From They Call Her Alfie to Transderma, here are some of our favorites.

The Best Transdermal Skincare Products

1) They Call Her Alfie ($39 – $68)

best transdermal skincare products
Image: They Call Her Alfie

One of our favorite brands with intense skincare potency. This is a clean skincare line that delivers incredible premium ingredients such as Sacha-Inchi, Orchid Stem Cell, Hyaluronic Acid, and CBD as well. Alfie’s technology also uses its own BSX 8.1 technology. This was developed by their team of doctors and formulators to improve the permeation and retention process. Alfie’s products have a 200% better permeation and 300% longer retention than a lot of their competitors.

In addition, when using an Alfie serum, Alfie also helps to increase the effectiveness of whatever else is put on top of the serum. Alfie’s transdermal booster technology can help penetrate the skin on a deeper level. Boost your skincare routine’s effectiveness with any of Alfie’s incredible products.

2) Transderma A Serum ($175)

transdermal skincare
Image: Transderma

Transderma’s regenerative ingredients like retinol and vitamin E night serum are very great for aging skin. Its formulation includes superior absorption and also it helps stimulate skin cell renewal and exfoliation. With this technology, your skin maintains the integrity of its elasticity while the product reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars.

3) DefenAge 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream ($95)

best transdermal skincare products
Image: DefenAge 24/7

A special age-repair defense ingredient puts all eyes on youthful-looking skin, where it also begins, at the skin-deep level. There are also biologically-advanced peptides that are infused into this ultra-hydrating lightweight cream. They are then unified with energizing to visibly correct surface signs of aging.

4) Alastin Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology ($195)

transdermal skincare products
Image: Alastin Skincare

Alastin’s special restorative skin complex is this brand’s flagship product. Inside this complex treatment is a restorative skincare element that helps maintain skin health for a youthful appearance. You can also combat signs of aging with an emollient formulation that has key ingredients to help volumize and lift aging skin.
While you’re here, check out They Call Her Alfie’s special Love Gel and how it can make your time in the bedroom even more incredible. 

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