A revolutionary new sex serum has launched called Love Gel and guess what? It addresses common issues almost all women face in the bedroom — getting aroused!

This Love Gel by leading intimate wellness brand Alfie is a doctor-formulated arousal sex gel that’s made with natural ingredients and applied to the clitoris to help promote a heightened and more sensitive sexual experience. Whilst it certainly does get you excited — trust us we’ve tried it, it also helps to build more hydration, soothes the vagina as well as rejuvenates at the same time, win-win we say.

Also, please don’t get confused as this is NOT a lubricant. There a many brands on the market that are lubricants that claim to arouse with lubrication, however, there’s only a handful that are genuine arousal gels that increase blood flow to the clitoris, like Alfie’s Love Gel. It’s Alfie’s goal to bring fun, enjoyment, and empowerment back in the bedrooms, and with their anecdotal and clinical results, the results of Love Gel have been amazing, which is why they see such high repeat customers — because it obviously works 😉

Without getting into the boring clinical stuff: Alfie has clinically proven studies to ensure the product delivers and as such, they are well ahead of the pack in not only intimacy-relevant results but also cumulative rejuvenation benefits of the vagina when used frequently, even daily!

Whilst some may blush reading this article, we feel that these days, the tides have turned, and as such we live in a global community where people are accepted for non-identification of gender or sexual preference. Alfie believes that the stigma around sex and sexual self-care needs to be considered mainstream, this is not to say that intimacy should be devalued, in fact, Alfie hopes that by creating a mainstream modern intimate wellness product that can assist in personal relationships with themselves and others they would be adding strength and acceptance to a growing progressive market.

Meet the sex serum that everyone’s talking about

Sex love gel
Image: Courtesy of They Call Her Alfie

Check out Love Gel here and try it for yourself!