Last month, our incredible founder Bianca Cheah launched a revolutionary new lifestyle product that incorporates new technology to penetrate the skin barrier. They Call Her Alfie’s love gels are two extraordinary products that address common issues almost all women face in the bedroom. By applying Alfie’s BSX transdermal delivery technology, the skin absorbs and retains key ingredients faster and longer.
They Call Her Alfie’s Love Gel is a lightweight gel that may be applied prior to sexual activity to help promote a heightened and more sensitive experience. Made with the same transdermal technology as other products in Alfie’s revolutionary line; the Love Gel has two times more effective permeation of key ingredients and has three times longer retention of active ingredients than any other product on the market. However, the Love Gel stimulates, hydrates, soothes, and rejuvenates.
We spoke to Bianca Cheah, founder of They Call Her Alfie and Amodrn about why she created such a revolutionary product.
They Call Her Alfie Launches Two Revolutionary, New Love Gels
Image: They Call Her Alfie

What sparked the idea of creating a love gel versus another skincare product?   

The brand Alfie was born from a breakthrough our clinical team had with Transdermal delivery. The technology behind Alfie gives our product the ability to make our active formulas more bio-available. It’s my goal to make Alfie a leader in the personal care market and we think that brings fun and enjoyment back in the bedrooms is a huge part of this. The product has been in development and testing before the brand was born. The anecdotal and clinical results have been amazing.

How did your collaboration with My Hemple come together?  

We love the team at Hemple, they create quality wholesome products so when it came to creating a CBD version of the Love Gel we thought it best to bring in some of the best in business.

Why is the technology behind Alfie’s Love Gel different from other brands?  

Without getting into the boring stuff: we can deliver more key active ingredients than other brands. We have invested the time and have… clinically proven studies to ensure the product delivers. In the case of the Love Gel: as the localized area has a thinner dermis. We are well ahead of the pack in not only intimacy relevant results but also cumulative benefits when used frequently.

They Call Her Alfie Launches Two Revolutionary, New Love Gels
Image: They Call Her Alfie

What about both the CBD Love Gel and Alfie Love Gel is helpful for intimacy?

When would you use one versus the other? While the main difference is CBD, both formulas are different. The CBD version in addition to the core benefits may assist in the relaxation of muscles and increase overall awareness.

Why is it important to empower people by creating products such as these?  

The tides have turned, we live in a global community where people are accepted for non-identification of gender or sexual preference. I believe that the stigma around sex needs to be considered as mainstream, this is not to say that intimacy should be devalued, in fact, I hope that by creating a mainstream product that can assist in personal relationships with themselves and others we add strength to a growing market.

What’s next for They Call Her Alfie?

Time will tell… we have a handful of conversations with other brands at the moment but we will have to see how the launch of Love Gel lands.
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