NYC: Top 5 Home Delivery Detoxes For Your January Reset

Kickstart that healthy eating intention.

Nothing says, “New Year, new you” like a cleanse, which is why we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite detoxes. From soup cleanses to juicing—and a couple of seriously delicious, plant-based services—these delivered-to-your-door diets are some of the best ways to kickstart your healthy eating intention for 2018. Keep scrolling!

Sakara Life

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Sakara Life is one of the healthiest delivery services going around with a range of clean, organic, ready-to-eat meals on offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu changes each week, so you always have fresh, delicious, plant-based meals that you will never get tired of. Meals include Tuscan roasted vegetables, nori wraps, beet and coconut pancakes, and eggplant florentine. Yum! A four week reset will cost you $1395.
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Juice Brothers

If you want to flex your discipline muscles, try a juice cleanse. Juice Brothers blend organic juices that are nutritious and delicious as hell. Juices are made fresh daily using a method of cold-pressing that ensures you get the most vitamins, minerals and enzymes, as possible. A five-day cleanse (35 bottles) costs $265.
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Daily Harvest

Soups, smoothies, superfood bowls and more: Daily Harvest has all kinds of healthy, frozen dishes ready to go for you. Take some baby steps towards health with superfood breakfast options—like an acai and cherry smoothie, or a blackberry and majik chia parfait. Order 24 frozen smoothie cups (that’s one month worth of breakfasts) for $167.76.
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Splendid Spoon

This simple, wholesome, healthy soup and smoothie cleanse is made using plant-based, gluten-free, and GMO-free ingredients. Splendid Spoon offers various options, but one of their most popular programs is The Soup Cleanse ($65) – a version of the intermittent fast which can help encourage weight loss, protect against disease, improve brain health and detox the body.
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To follow the program, simply choose from a selection of plant-based dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and snacks designed by nutrition experts (everything is 100% gluten-free, dairy-free, with no refined sugars!). Meals are then delivered throughout New York City on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A cleanse program will set you back $72 per day.
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