Olivia Munn Tried Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for a Flatter Tummy

But did it work?

olivia munn apple cider vinegar bloating
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We hear about all kinds of crazy weight loss fads coming out of Hollywood during awards season, but actress Olivia Munn tried something that’s been around for years ahead of the 2018 SAG Awards on Sunday night: Drinking apple cider vinegar to try and banish bloating.
In an interview with E! News, the “X-Men: Apocalypse” star said she decided to test out a drink she had heard would help flatten her tummy overnight: Drinking shots of apple cider vinegar. She told the reporter that she drank two shots of apple cider vinegar eaching morning and evening for several days ahead of the red carpet event. “I started doing [apple cider vinegar] in the morning and the night because they say it’s supposed to help you slim down,” Munn explained.
So did Munn stumble upon a miracle, budget bloating cure? Sadly, no: “I eat rocky road late at night and I think if I take an apple cider vinegar shot, it [balances me out]. It doesn’t,” Munn said, adding: “I tell myself, ‘Eh. It’s fine. I’m an actress. I’m not a model. I’m supposed to look more relatable.”

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Even though ACV isn’t the instant weight loss tool Munn had hoped, experts do believe it can help control blood sugar—and, over time promote weight loss and a healthier digestive system. Holistic nutritionist, Lee Holmes, recently told us about the benefits to drinking the organic, unfiltered kind: “Studies have shown it can help to reduce appetite, lower bad cholesterol, aid digestion and even tone and clarify the skin.” Some holistic health fans also drink ACV to help prevent urinary tract infections—so even though it won’t make you drop a dress size in a week, there are still plenty of reasons why you should be incorporating it into your diet.

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