4 Natural Sunburn Remedies You'll Have At Home

Summer babes, we feel you. You slip, slop AND slap. You have the best intentions, because ain’t nobody got time for premature wrinkles. You apply sunscreen every few hours, wear a sassy wide-brimmed hat while you loll around on your inflatable unicorn and are bursting with joy that you can finally put your whimsical, pom-pom trimmed kaftan to good use.

But a quick glance in the mirror when you get home doesn’t quite reflect the perfectly sun-kissed goddess you expected to see. Your face feels tight, your nose is a sore-as-hell beacon of redness and your shoulders are as crispy as the healthy potato chips you were scarfing down a couple of hours ago. You need some relief, but where do you turn?

Here are the best remedies to relieve your sunburn naturally, without the addition of unnecessary chemicals:

Aloe Vera

This one will come as no surprise. Aloe has long been used as a sunburn remedy, and its skin-soothing benefits are well-documented. However the majority of store-bought tubes contain unnecessary added chemicals that detract from this (surprisingly instagrammable) plant’s healing properties, so nothing beats aloe straight from the horses mouth (or the plant’s leaf, as it were).

How-to: When using the fresh stuff, cut the leaf close to the base and wash. Cut off the spines and slice the leaf lengthwise to expose the inner gel, then rub directly on the burn. Because it’s fresh AF, it will only last a few days but you can extend its helping hand by freezing into ice blocks with an extra-soothing pinch of chamomile (you’re welcome).

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar sunburn remedy

Just when you thought this bottle of cloudy gold couldn’t get anymore useful! Not only does ACV assist in maintaining a healthy gut, soothe a sore throat and eliminate a flaky dandruff situation, it also gallantly assists when you’re feelin’ a lil bit crispy.

Offering a three-pronged attack to beat the burn, apple cider vinegar’s healing properties are thanks to the the acetic acid content which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to provide relief from swelling, redness, and pain, while also maintaining the natural pH levels of the skin which minimises the blistering and peeling.

How-to: Try taking a cool bath with diluted apple cider vinegar, or fill a spray bottle with ACV and water to spritz the sting away.


yoghurt sunburn remedy

As much as you enjoy a spoonful or two of raspberry ripple and chia seed infused yogurt of a morning, now is not the time to be experimenting with flavours. Thanks to its probiotic content, full fat, plain yogurt is great at moisturising the skin and reducing the punch of a painful burn.

How-to: Apply gently to skin with a homemade washcloth and let sit for around 10 minutes before washing off in a cool shower.

Black Tea

black tea natural sunburn remedies

Turns out it doesn’t just offer you a big fat hug in a mug, it actually has healing properties that can assist in giving your red burn the elbow. Thanks to the tannic acid and theobromine in black tea, it will help remove the heat from the sunburn and repair damaged skin

How-to: Simply soak the teabags until the tea is a rich, dark brown and let cool. Apply with a wash cloth to your frazzled (but still fabulous) bod and get back to captaining that abandoned inflatable unicorn quick-smart.

Happy de-crisping, girlfriend.

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