7 Of The Best Gluten-Free, Low-Sugar Paleo Cereals

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When you’re on a paleo diet or are avoiding gluten or sugar, your breakfast options tend to be limited to some variation of poached eggs with avocado. Which, of course, is a perfectly nutritious and delicious option. But some days, you just crave a bowl of cereal — to remind you of the good old days when you were a kid and would eat your cornflakes in front of the morning cartoons.
Unfortunately, most of the traditional cereal options on the market are loaded with so much sugar you may as well eat a Mars Bar for breakfast. Plus, they tend to be rather heavy on the grains, with not much to offer in the way of nutrition. But if you venture out of your supermarket and into your local health store, you’ll find a range of delicious, paleo, gluten-free and vegan granolas that are sweetened with natural ingredients (not corn syrup) .
Scroll through the gallery for 7 of best gluten-free, low-sugar paleo cereals.

The Wild

Melbourne-based company The Wild have so many delicious flavours of vegan, paleo and gluten-free cereals on offer, it’s hard to pick just one. They even have a Hempnola on the way, which we’re more than a little intrigued to try out! You heard it here first, hemp is the superfood of 2017. 
Shop The Wild.

Byron Bay Macadamia Museli Paleo

One of the OG healthy museli brands in Australia, Byron Bay Macadamia Museli have a great selection of organic, gluten-free and paleo cereals. All of their products are naturally sweetened with  madamia honey from the blossoms of local macadamia trees.
Shop the Byron Bay Macadamia Museli.

The Unrefined Nutiiboost

The Unrefined’s vegan, gluten-free granola is the perfect high-protein alternative to sugary cereals. For an extra nutrient boost, you can’t go past the Nutiiboost Turmeric and Ginger blend!
Shop The Unrefined Nutiiboost.

Paleo Pure

Whether you’re a chocolate gal or a fruit fanatic, Paleo Pure have you covered with their range of paleo, gluten-free and sometimes raw granolas.
Shop Paleo Pure.

Naked Paleo

Can’t choose between bacon or cereal for breakfast? Now you don’t have to, thanks to Naked Paleo’s Maple Bacon Granola! If you’re not game for bacon in your cereal, they also have a chocolately Spiced Cacao Granola.
Shop Naked Paleo.

Hello Raw

Huge thank you to our first 1000 fans! Your passion for eating nutritious and delicious food fuels our mission to spread the awareness in New Zealand of the benefits of eating raw, sprouted and certified organic foods. – We believe food is an opportunity for us to have fun and be creative but in our factory in Kumeu nutrition is serious business. We spend over 48 hours in the sprouting and activating process to ensure all the nutrients from our ingredients are active and ready for us to absorb. We follow strict guidelines to retain our organic certification from @biogronz. And we’re constantly researching and experimenting to unlock new ways to enhance your health and tastebuds. – Granola has a special place in our kitchen, but in the coming months we’ll be introducing some new sprouted products to lift your day including some savory goods. – So stay tuned and let’s spread the word. Health is our wealth! 💚🌱#Helloraw #Hellorawnz

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New Zealand company Hello Raw take healthy cereal to the next level, wi†h their range of raw, sprouted, activated and organic granolas. They also happen to packed with superfoods and ridiculously tasty!
Shop Hello Raw.

Forage Cereal

Created by nutritionist and naturopath Damian Kristof, Forage’s range of gluten-free and paleo cereals are created with the highest quality ingredients with no added processed sugar or preservatives.
Shop Forage Cereal.

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