Ben & Jerry's launch dairy free, vegan ice cream

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Dairy free-ers rejoice! Your dream of one day being able to eat more than banana (not so) nice-cream has just come true thanks to Ben & Jerry’s.
Last week, the popular ice cream giant launched a line of vegan-certified ice cream, reworking some of their most lickable flavours into dairy free alternatives.
Rumour has it some poor soul spent 12 months ‘experimenting’ with the tastes, deciding whether to almond or to coconut (what a tough job), but after trials and tribulations, and one too many spoonfuls, she finally got it right.
The new range was a response to an overwhelming amount of customer requests (or as Ben & Jerry’s puts it, “years of fans begging”).
“There’s been a clear demand for a non-dairy line from Ben & Jerry’s,” a Ben & Jerry’s rep told Mashable, “Fans wanted all the fun flavours, chunks and swirls, just without the dairy — and that’s exactly what we’ve delivered.”
So, want to know what you’ll be digging your calcium-deficient nails into?
Non-dairy flavours will include Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Fudge Brownie, while Coffee Caramel Fudge and Peanut Butter and Cookies will be rolled out on an exclusive basis.
But before you go breaking up with your partner for an excuse to over indulge, it seems a lifetime subject to sorbet is still a reality for us poor Aussies since tubs are currently only available in the United States. Nevertheless, since most things that launch there end up here anyway, chances are we’ll be revelling in our almond milk Chunky Monkey soon enough… and if all else fails, it seems our mates Ben and Jerry respond quite well to peer pressure.

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