3 fat blasting thigh workouts Kirsty Godso swears by

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to meet Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso, chances are you remember her legs. The definition of legs 11, Godso is as fit as fit comes. Want to know how she does it? We’ve been lucky enough to get the inside scoop. Below she shares one of her favourite workouts to slim down and tone up your inner thighs… but don’t forget the rest of your body, for more workouts from Kirsty Godso, download the Nike+ Training Club app here.

3 fat blasting thigh workouts Kirsty Godso swears by

Inner thighs… probably one of the MOST requested areas to target but often people are unsure how. Here is a combination of three of my favourite exercises that will shape and tone your inner thigh and simultaneously make your legs more powerful! The added bonus of these movements is that you’ll not only be working overall leg strength but hitting other key muscle groups at the same time.
Try adding the below into your training 2-3x per week. You can easily tag it on to the end of one of your regular workouts or for quick blast, simply do it on its own. Use the below number of reps to get the most out of these exercises:

  1. Cross Back Lunge x 20 (10 each side)
  2. Med Ball Squat Slam x 20
  3. Drop Squats x max effort for 1 minute
  4. Recover for 30 seconds and repeat combo 2 more times

Keep note of how many drop squats you can do so that you can track your progress each time.

1. Cross Back Lunge

The Cross Back Lunge is great for working into not only the inner thigh but the love handle area also – say no more!

– Start with feet facing forward and under hips

– Take right leg behind the left on an angle and plant foot with toes facing inwards

– Drop back knee towards the floor keeping chest lifted and hands clasped in front, keeping hips square to the front

– Use abs to drive out of the bottom of the move returning foot to starting position and repeating on the other side

Thigh workout, Kirsty Godso

2. Med Ball Squat Slam

This exercise is a great full body move that is really going to target your inner thighs whilst working your core and triceps!

– Start with the slam ball on the floor in between your feet, feet outside your hips with toes turned out slightly

– Squat down keeping chest lifted and pick up the slam ball

– Drive through your heels to come out of the squat position and take slam ball behind your head, keeping the elbows tight to the head and tapping the ball to the middle of the back. Keep elbows close so you can work the triceps

– Bring the ball back over the head and when it reaches the top of the crown, slam the ball towards the floor, bracing your core and squatting through the movement

– Repeat

Note: Make sure you get two squats in every repetition and keep your feet a little wider to work higher up the inner thigh. Choose a slam ball that is a challenging weight for you but allows you to move with good form.

Kirsty Godso, Thigh workout, Amodrn

3. Drop Squats

Drop Squats are a guaranteed thigh blaster! Try and get low in this move and jump your feet wide to get the most out of it! Focus on form first then introduce speed.

– Start with feet under hips

– Lift weight up into toes ready to jump feet out wide

– Jump feet wide outside hips 

– Drop one hand down to the floor keeping chest lifted and back flat, abs braced

– Jump feet back to starting position

– Repeat touching down with other hand and continuing to alternate hands each time

Thigh workout, Kirsty Godso

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