Barre Body Founder Opens Bende, A Beautiful Wellness Studio In Byron Bay

Barre Body Founder New Studio
Image: Supplied by Bende

While you’re posting your YES vote, you should pop a second letter into the mailbox to Emma Seibold. If you’re one of the thousands of women in Australia who practise barre on the regular, you have her to thank for your tight behind.
As the founder and owner of Barre Body, Australia’s first barre and yoga fusion, she brought the technique down under. She helped it shift from an enigma to a tried-and-tested method with a cult following. And as its popularity grew, so too did her studios, from the first one in 2012 to nine locations across three states today as well as an online platform of workouts, retreats and a world-class teacher training program.
So what comes next for a woman who’s seemingly conquered it all? A break. Two years ago, Emma did what many Sydney-siders do and moved up the coast to the laid-back town of Byron Bay with her husband and business partner, Matt, and their two children, Xavier and Isla. Settling into a slightly slower pace, she decided to bring her passion to the north but this time she’s opened something a little different and it goes by the name, Bende.

The ocean. Friends. Love. What more can we ask for? 💙

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“Since moving to Byron two years ago, I have been inspired by my new surroundings. I felt drawn to create something uniquely “Byron”,” Emma told us. And the result is Bende, a mindful movement studio that recognises that sometimes you want to move your body fast and hard and other times you need to slow down.
Along with your favourite barre class, Bende offers dynamic and flowing Pilates, yoga, soulful yin and meditation, so you can pick and choose whether you want to chill out or sweat it out. And if you want both in the one hour—because we’re female after all—she’s even developed a signature Flow class, which involves strength and toning work, heart-pumping cardio and conscious movement followed by a sweat savasana or meditation.
“Life is getting busier and faster with more distractions and to-dos. I wanted to create something that was a total body and mind experience where you dance like no one is watching, sweat like crazy, release endorphins and move consciously and mindfully, connecting to body and spirit—and Bende’s Flow class is exactly that,” says Emma.

That perfect photo of handstand… right before @emmaseibold_ falls over.

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If it didn’t sound “Byron” enough, Bende also offers the Full Moon class — a high-energy full moon party about “shedding layers, letting go and finding your flow” — the New Moon class — to set intentions, make wishes and dance your way into a new moon cycle — and the Goddess Group class, which is an intimate invitation-only class featuring treats, meditation, rituals and connection in a loving and supportive circle.
Invitation or not, the whole thing sounds pretty inviting. See ya Sydney, we’re moving to Byron.
For more information or to book classes visit

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