Where To Stay, Eat & Play In Todos Santos, Mexico

Model Bree Warren shares her fave hotspots!

As a model who is constantly travelling the world, one country that Bree Warren can’t get enough of, is Mexico. Having spent quite some time in Todos Santos for both work and play, she just knew that there was nowhere else she’d rather get married and ended up choosing it as her dream destination for her gorgeous wedding earlier this month.
“It’s a raw, rugged desert with enormous cacti literally everywhere,” Bree says. “I think there’s something about this part of Mexico that makes you feel really far away from the rest of the world. It’s just so unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.” From road tripping through the Baja Peninsula and surfing down the coast, here, Bree shares what she loves most about this beautiful part of Mexico.

Where to stay:

Apart from our incredible wedding venue [Hotel San Cristóbal Baja], there is Hacienda Cerritos and Rancho Pescadero.

bree warren todos santos mexico travel guide
Image: @breekwarren

Favourite dining hot spots:

Favourite food will always be tacos! Some of the best you will ever eat are literally on the side of the road or in a beach shack. I’m also obsessed with chilli. Everywhere you go they put their own spin on the salsas and they are SO good!
My favourite dining spot is Hierbabuena which is this amazing farm to table restaurant we just discovered on our most recent trip. There is also Free Souls at Playa Cerritos and El Mirador for an amazing sunset.

Staying fit and healthy:

I know this is the opposite to most people but I actually find it easier to keep fit and healthy on holidays than in my day-to-day life! My normal schedule can change at any moment so it’s hard to plan but in Mexico, I surfed everyday and went for long beach walks in the soft sand. I know I am there for a certain amount of time and I am naturally more active in Mexico as I’m constantly walking around and exploring. You never really stop.

If luggage size and customs didn’t exist, what is one thing you would bring home from Mexico and why?

Haha the cacti! Also probably Mezcal, hammocks, wooden furniture and salsa picante.

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