Aussie Model Bree Warren On Prepping For Her Wedding In Mexico

All the deets about her health, beauty and fitness routine!

bree warren mexico wedding
Image: @breekwarren

No doubt you’ve seen pictures of Bree Warren’s stunning wedding starting to surface on the internet in the past week. The Aussie model (who up until recently resided in New York before settling back in Australia) got hitched in one of her favourite places in the world—Mexico (her city guide is coming soon to Amodrn, so watch this space!).
The beautiful ceremony was held at Hotel San Cristóbal Baja and the bride wore a gorgeous Steven Khalil gown. To find out how what she did to prep for the big day, we sat down with Bree who shared all the deets about her health, beauty and fitness routine.

Why did you choose to get married in Mexico?

Mitch and I have lived in both London and New York so we had a lot of friends coming from all over the world. My sister and brother also live overseas so I think no matter where we had it, many people would have to travel. We have both spent a lot of time in Mexico and loved it so—it has always been our first choice!

What was the overall theme of your wedding?

I kept it very clean, white and minimal. The venue is truly amazing and I think it speaks for itself so I didn’t want to complicate it.


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OMG BEST DAY EVER❤️MR & MRS MCCANN!! #mexicannbreeze

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What changes did you make to your usual routine leading up to the big day?

My fitness and nutrition was the hardest thing about my wedding! Last year was hectic with moving home from New York, renovating a house and flying nonstop. I had barely been in the one place for longer than a few days, so I struggled to keep a routine and we were without a kitchen for about eight weeks so it was tricky! However, I think it’s important to keep the balance. I had a pretty relaxed approach as I wanted to look like myself and drastic ‘bride diets’ are not what I am about. I like being curvy and I have to keep myself in pretty good shape in general because I spend most of my time at work in a swimwear or lingerie.

“I wanted to look like myself and drastic ‘bride diets’ are not what I am about.”

When I was in New York, I would go to Barre classes twice a week and do one or two 30 minute core sessions. Now I am more settled in Australia, I do Barre and Pilates classes at Noosa Flow. I’m so happy that I have found an amazing studio close to home. Nutrition-wise, I don’t think I did anything different than normal. I try to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and stay away from processed foods. I cut down on salt and sugar as it got closer and tried not to indulge too much over the festive season!

bree warren wedding in mexico

Did you follow a specific skincare/beauty routine?

I tried to drink as much water as I could consistently. I have dry skin so I really need to keep it hydrated. I use Shiseido Bio Performance moisturizer which is amazing and plumping. I use Mecca Skin Perfecting SPF50 everyday. I will occasionally do a SKII facial treatment mask, Patchology Eye Masks and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. I have been growing out my hair so have been using Bondi Boost Growth Spray, Olaplex Treatments and taking hair/skin/nails vitamin supplements. I started going to infrared saunas too!

What is one piece of advice you have for future brides about the lead up to their big day? Is there anything you’d change about your experience?

I just tried to remember to stay calm. As much as you want it to be, everything can’t be perfect. You have to adapt and roll with whatever happens. There’s so much hype when it comes to weddings that you have to just try and put it in perspective and do things your own way.

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