Ashley Graham Just Perfectly Shut Down Her Gym Workout Trolls

Ashley Graham
Image via @theashleygraham/Instagram

Ashley Graham is many things: model, author, and designer. But she’s also an outspoken body activist who’s not afraid to shut down all of the annoying online trolls and critics who have come out to slam her look and workout routine.
The model, who became known for her bombshell curves, was the first plus-sized model to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and has even served as a main judge on America’s Next Top Model. Needless to say, the star knows a thing or two about the industry, so it’s no surprise that she rightfully fired back at critics who came at her for her love of working out.

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“Everytime I post a workout video I get comments like: ‘You’ll never be skinny so stop trying’, ‘You still need your fat to be a model’, and ‘why would you want to loose what made you famous?’,” she wrote on Instagram.

But, in expert fashion, she quickly showed us the real reason (not that she needed to) behind her workout motivation, and exactly why she hits the gym as hard as she does.

“I workout to stay healthy, feel good, get rid of jet lag, clear my head, show big girls we can move like the rest of ’em, stay flexible & strong, have more energy. I don’t workout to [lose] weight or my curves, bc I love the skin I’m in…’
And we’re here to echo her comments: you go girl!

Losing weight is often the primary motivation for a good sweat session, but it’s just one of the many perks of lacing up those sneakers. Hitting the gym or the trail can also mean added mindfulness benefits and can help you power through stressful times of the year (hello, holidays!).
In fact, a good cardio class or a 50-minute kickboxing session can help boost your confidence, build up your strength, and help you get out pent-up aggression. The weight loss? That’s an afterthought at that point.

And that’s exactly what Graham is here to remind us. Embrace your curves, love the body you’ve been given, and treat it well with the workouts you enjoy. And better yet, treat yourself, too. The star can teach us about that as well, as evidenced by this pretty epic wine and pizza evening.
And above all, don’t let those haters and critics get you down. Use it as fuel to motivate your next workout, instead.

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