Feeling Stressed? This Circuit Workout Will Release All Your Holiday Aggression

Get ready to sweat with Tone House founder Alonzo Wilson.

Though the holidays are filled with joy, family, and friends, they can also be a very stressful time. So, if you’re one step away from going Grinch mode on everyone, try hitting the gym. After all, research shows that working up a sweat is one of the best ways to beat stress and anxiety
At the same time, it’s an opportunity to burn off any extra calories you’re accruing right now (ugh, holidays parties.) And if you ask anyone in New York City which workout yields the fastest, most impressive results, while also torching fat, they’ll probably direct you to Tone House. During each class, you can just about feel your booty lift, your waist cinch, and your triceps tighten as one of the coaches literally kicks your ass into shape.
After a team cheer (yep, every class!), the workout kicks off with about 10 minutes of warming up. Don’t let the term “warm-up” fool you, the beginning of class is almost as tough as the following 50 minutes, and if you can make it through this phase, you should be able to last the full session. The workout itself replicates extreme sports conditioning exercises in a team-oriented, competitive environment. At some points, you will even find yourself racing against other people in the class. You’ll be jumping, squatting, sprinting, and dipping until you reach total exhaustion point.
If it sounds hard, that’s because it is—but that’s why celebrities like Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal swear that Tone House can get real results, really fast. So because not everyone has access to the studio, we asked founder and trainer Alonzo Wilson for a Tone House workout anyone can do at home during the holidays. Here it is!

Try Tone House’s Stress-Busting Circuit Workout

Push-Up Scorpion

circuit workout, Tone House, Holiday stress
Begin in high plank pushup position. Complete one pushup and then flip over to the left so that you’re in a backwards table top. Extend the right hand and left leg up to touch. Flip back over to high plank and repeat. Do for one minute flipping to the left and then one minute flipping to the right (and then left-hand touches right leg). Repeat five times.

Plank Sprints

circuit workout, Tone House, holiday stress
Begin in plank position on your elbows. As if a coach has just blown his whistle, quickly press up to standing and sprint forwards. Run 20 yards and then turn around and sprint back. (This is best done outside and with a friend.) Repeat five times.

Backwards Squat Twist With Jump

Begin in high plank push-up position. Bend the knees and press back twisting the obliques to the right (in a twisting squat position with hands still on the ground). Jump the feet to the hands and then jump up off the ground. Jump the feet back to high plank position and repeat. Do for one minute twisting to the right and then one minute twisting to the left. Repeat five times.

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