april horoscope
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Your Horoscope for the Month of April 2021

We're coming out of hibernation to warmer weather, a better mood, and a sunnier disposition.

Happy April, Amodrn family! We’re nearing the end of the pandemic (hopefully) and the start of spring. Are you ready to re-enter the world renewed, refreshed, and prepared to live that post-pandemic life? We’ve got a little ways to go, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare now. Spring and the month of April are generally about a sense of renewal. It’s a time where we come out of winter, out of hibernation, and began to feel warmer weather, a better mood, and generally a sunnier disposition. We’ve put together a little guide on what’s to come for you for the month of April, a time where we welcome spring with pride. Keep reading for more on your April horoscope!

april horoscope
Image: Hong Nguyen via Unsplash

This Is Your Personal Anthem, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, it is your month to shine! The majority of your sign is born in the month of April. You are fiery and passionate, and you love yourself in the best way possible! Take this time to celebrate yourself and have fun in a safe way.


For someone who is usually less into a hangout sesh, you’re ready for some socializing, Taurus. You are feeling as though you cannot wait to get out there and dance, get brunch, and go to the park! If it’s safe to do so in your city, do it! We’re all for a grounding Taurus coming into their own.


Gemini, you have been preparing for the beginning of the end of the pandemic more than all of us. You are a social butterfly that needs to spread its wings. Solo time is not really your thing, you want to be with your crew! We predict a stellar social season for you once it’s safe to hang with friends.


Cancer, does it feel like you left the world for a second and came right back? We know winter is quite a depressing time, especially for those of us who are empaths and more emotionally inclined. If you’re feeling like you’re not getting back on your feet mood-wise, give it some time, you will! We promise you’ll feel comfortable in your own time.


For Leos, anger can be your enemy. Try to look at anything this month that sends you into a frenzy as a situation where you can be gentle, kind, and understanding. Don’t snap or be harsh to those around you, you do not know what they are going through. They may seem fine, but they are not.


Virgo, Virgo, Virgo! Summer is coming and you don’t know what to quite do. There’s a sense of you feeling like you need to be prepared, organized, and ready in all aspects to fully enjoy yourself and let go! We know you usually are in a fast groove and do things this way, but even the most organized ones out of us have been a little loopy during this time. Enjoy yourself regardless of whether or not you’re ready to, this moment has been a long time in the making!


Libra, how are you feeling? In the zone? You’re getting back to your fearless, outgoing, fun-loving self? We totally understand that and we’re excited for you. The zodiac predicts that your work and creative projects will make you very busy for the rest of the year. We want you to make sure that you leave time for both when it’s time to dance again!


Scorpios, you’re in the mood for love. You’ve been on the hunt (if you’re single) and ready for some spice (if you’re in a relationship). Because things are becoming progressively more available to us, you can plan more romance. You’re finally going to get date night again!


Sagittarius, how are you feeling? A little like being at home has you dependent on others? Have you distanced yourself from your usual independent, fun-loving, life of the party self? It’s time to break free and do your own thing. Don’t allow yourself to go there! Remember who you were!


Cappy, you can finally start making those plans for summer and beyond. We know you’ve been wanting to do so. You’re a planner! Because we can go to more places now, you can start to plan for vacations, parties, and dinner reservations! Go you!


Aquarius, we predict April will be the calm before the storm for you. Prepare for spring as a flower does. You are coming out of the ground slowly but surely. Some rains may get to you, but they only make you stronger, make you grow! Before you know it, you’ll be the most beautiful May flower.


Pisces, we think you’re itching for romance just like Scorpio. You just can’t express yourself through a screen, the feelings are far too much to do over FaceTime. We predict a bounce back in your love life. Your April horoscope might be full of date nights if you know what we mean.

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