Alo Yoga Has Created The Most Epic Yoga Videos With 8 Of The World’s Best Yogis

Prepare to have your perfectly centred minds blown.

Bianca Cheah video in Reebok
Film director: Lester Jones from Location: 98 Riley Street

What do Alo Yoga favourites Ashley Galvin, the Chin Twins, Andrew Sealy, Briohny Smyth, Caitlin Turner, Aubry Wiltcher and Jon Rea have in common? They’re all insanely flexible. They consume hours of our day insta-stalking. All of the above.

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So what if we told you that they were all getting together to film the most insanely inspirational yogi videos we’ve ever seen shot by one of the world’s best photographers? You’d finally master that inverted backbend, right?
Well, thanks to Alo Yoga, it’s true.

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Teaming up with famous photographer, Nigel Barker (not an expert? You’d know him from America’s Next Top Model), Alo Yoga have created a video series designed to capture the beauty of yoga from every move and angle. The films feature these eight world-renowned yogis (fitted in head-to-toe Alo, of course), pushing their body to its limits. Think one-handed arm balances, twisted headstands, backbends, crow push-ups, and acro yoga poses—even nauli—unlike you’ve ever seen them before.
Using a special robotic camera, which captures up to 1000 frames per second, Barker was able to slow down the practice to present yoga like never before. While the videos showcase the yogis’ flexibility and strength, they also highlight the beautiful Alo pieces and their functionality. The resulting films are undeniably an art form and they’re being released today to celebrate International Yoga Day (in the US, it was yesterday for us Aussies).
If you thought these yogis’ Instagram accounts were inspiring, you haven’t seen anything yet. Prepare to have your perfectly centred minds blown. Check out the snippet below and stay tuned for the release of each Yogi’s video.

Watch the behind the scenes footage of how it was created, below.

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