Alo Gives—A Free Online Program Dedicated To Bringing Yoga & Meditation To Children

Studies show it can help reduce anxiety in the younger generation.

Image via Instagram user @alogives

In a world where we are constantly ‘on’, always on-the-go and never not connected, we quite often talk about the effects of burnout and prominence of stress and anxiety in today’s day and age. But what does this mean for the next generation? 
According to The American Journal of Occupational Therapy, yoga intervention can reduce anxiety in children. Another study from Pennsylvania State University further concludes that “interventions that nurture meditation may be a feasible and effective method of building resilience in universal populations of children and youth.”
Based on these findings and as an extension of their philosophy to bring yoga to the world, Alo Yoga has a not-for-profit program called Alo Gives that’s dedicated to bringing yoga and meditation to children around the world through a range of free, online videos that you can access at

How exactly does it work? Across a series of 5-minute videos over the course of 12 weeks, the aim here is to help equip children with the physical and mental skills necessary for social and emotional learning, provide them with the tools they need to overcome challenges and above all, assist in the creation of healthy life-long habits. 
There is a new theme each week where members can access three yoga classes, two meditation exercises and a printable worksheet to complete based on that week’s theme. Be sure to check the video above on what you can expect and visit for more!

Spread the word! How old were you when you first started yoga?

Image via Instagram user @ashleygalvinyoga

To share on Instagram, simply follow the steps below:
1. Instagram the age when you first tried yoga by writing it on your hand.
2. Tell teachers, parents and friends to visit and to share the videos with kids.
3. Add #alogives to your photo so we can see it!
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