7 Things You Can Do Each Week To Get Faster Fitness Results

Small changes, big results!

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You don’t have to completely overhaul your fitness routine to get results. In fact, I always say that it’s the little changes that lead to big results. If you’re already active but ready to up your fitness game, take on board one or all of my tips below to step things up a notch.

1. Increase incidental exercise

I know that this seems obvious but it’s still so often overlooked. It is so common that on the days that we have done a really hard workout we tend to do very little or nothing else. I guarantee that most people would have no idea how little steps they get in on a daily basis, especially when they work a desk job. I will often look around the office at lunchtime and find it empty as many of my staff head off for a walk during their break to get some fresh air and increase their step count. I encourage you to do the same where possible, even if it just means parking a little bit further away from the office or taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Even an extra cool down at the gym pre or post workout can all contribute, if done consistently, to better or faster results.

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2. Meet a friend who is fitter than you once a week

We all have a love/hate relationship with doing this or perhaps even with this person. However, being brave enough to commit to training with this person, knowing that it will force you to get outside of your comfort zone (a place you may find difficult to get on your own, is a good thing). The term ‘no pain, no gain’ in my opinion is overused but in this case, it’s true.

3. Add this 5-minute finisher to your workouts

I often challenge my clients to do a little bit more and their first response is ‘but what should I do?’ So, here you go. Add this 5-minute finisher to the end of your workout to supercharge your results.

1. Burpees
2. Alternating Jump Lunges
3. Push-ups
4. Squat Jumps

40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest in between exercises.

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4. Try Boxing

Boxing has been everywhere for the last couple of years and with good reason. In a world where we want full body workouts, high intensity and incredibly fast results, boxing is king. Boxers are some of the fittest athletes on the planet and until you put the gloves on yourself, you won’t understand why. Boxing requires agility, strength, power, speed and an unbelievable amount of conditioning to give them the cardio endurance they need to battle it out in the ring. Don’t let that scare you though—boxing is a really fun way to relieve stress and get your heart rate up. If you’re looking for a studio experience that introduces boxing for all levels, give 12 round a try.

5. Make little change to your existing workouts

Remember—if nothing changes, nothing changes. There are so many simple, immediate ways to change up your workouts and shock your body… increase the resistance in your workouts, reduce the rest periods in your HIIT, change the exercise routine, add bands or weights… your regime probably doesn’t need a complete overhaul, it just needs some clever tweaking. 

6. Track your progress

If you know what you achieved last week, you’re going to be motivated to either achieve the same results or strive to be better. You won’t always get PB’s but you should be gradually progressing. Keeping track of this can help with motivation to ensure that you don’t go backwards with your training and give you that drive to push for results… I’ll also add—shift your focus from results to process. When we focus on the consistency of our workouts it is amazing the results that we can achieve.

7. Train unilaterally

Doing single-arm and single-leg exercises helps with muscular balance and stops your stronger, more dominant side from compensating for your weaker side. It not only allows you to strengthen your weaker side but challenges your body by engaging your core more as you have to work harder to stay balanced. My trainer tip: always do your weak side first and however many reps you can perform on that side, match it on your strong side and watch the gap close. 

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