alfie love gel weekender
Image: Courtesy of Alfie

Alfie’s Love Gel Weekender Is Perfect for Any Getaway

Romance, full steam ahead.

If you’re looking to get away, but your travel essentials need to fit inside a carry-on bag, we’ve just got the thing for you. Introducing the Alfie Weekender, a three pack of Alfie’s best-selling Love Gel. ​Because, three is better than one! These single serving packets are perfect for a staycation or weekend away. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to squeeze all of your beauty and wellness essentials into one suitcase, so Alfie thought ahead and made it super easy for you to take its Love Gel on the go. We’re absolutely obsessed with this sexual wellness product and all that it can do in the bedroom. We’re highlighting why we love it below. Keep reading for more!

alfie love gel
Image: Courtesy of Alfie

Alfie’s Love Gel Weekender Is Perfect for Any Getaway

There aren’t too many products like this on the market, but the ones that are, do an incredible job of helping boost blood flow to the clitoris, assist in helping the woman’s body to naturally create more wetness. They help to relax the muscles in the vaginal wall so the user does not experience vaginal wall muscle tenseness and also can help to assist in the rejuvenation of the vagina. No normal lubricant can do this, only a sex or love gel has the ability to assist in this based on the ingredients that are in the formulations. You might be thinking, gosh what are the ingredients and are they good for the body. Alfie’s amazing Love Gel is made with the same revolutionary technology as the other products in their line.

Instantly, the skin absorbs and retains ingredients faster and longer. This makes the effects happen quickly and lasts longer (i.e. more time in the bedroom). Love Gel’s uses include helping solve a number of bedroom blunders. This includes fueling sex drive, protecting you from infection, reducing the friction of condoms, and more. Which in turn makes you less anxious and less worried about performance, and you feel like you have a safe space to enjoy sex freely. Alfie’s products are all-natural, so they’re perfect for those with skin sensitivity. It helps to hydrate (hello wetness) and delivers more blood flow to the clitoris. The woman will also have a very heightened sexual experience this way.

Also, this upcoming Black Friday, Alfie is doing a fantastic sale for its customers. Alfie will be offering two for one on all products, starting November 16th and through the holiday weekend. The Alfie Weekender is available here for $16 for a three-pack. If you want to visit Alfie’s website, click here.

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