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These Are the Best Snacks for Sexual Wellness

From maca to ashwagandha.

With cuffing season approaching, many of us are looking for ways to bolster our libidos. The search for the mysterious libido can be quite difficult, but did you know that there are various ayurvedic herbs and adaptogen-infused snacks that support an active libido. In turn, this starts boosting mood, stamina, and drive to optimize your sexual encounters. With cuddles and playful encounters on your radar, we needed to make sure that we got this handy dandy information ready for you before December.

We connected with Emily Schildt, grocery expert and the founder of Pop Up Grocer, the tastemaker in consumer packaged goods, and the go-to for millennials to find (and sell) the best in grocery––from snacks to sexual wellness. Emily shared a few of her favorite herbs and snacks to support sexual wellness with us, so we can all have a fruitful holiday season. Keep reading for more!

The Best Snacks for Sexual Wellness

1) Maca

A peruvian herb used to restore hormonal imbalance and aid fertility, allowing you to feel less stress, and tap into  your sexual energy. Mix a scoop of maca powder into your smoothies or grab a You Again Maca Cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth.

2) Shatavari

This is an Indian super herb, similar to Maca, used to increase sex drive, bolster the immune system, balance female hormones, and dampen the effects of PMS. Cliché in the best way, Phasey Sex Chocolate is a favorite.

3) Ashwagandha

This is an Indian root extract that supports the nervous system to treat lack of sexual desire, performance anxiety and all forms of sexual dysfunction. Drink away your worries with Magic Mind.

4) Adaptogens

Stress can interrupt signals between the brain and body leading to issues like erectile dysfunction. Adaptogenic herbs reduce and regulate stress by helping the body adapt to it. For a beverage boost, Emily recommends Heywell.

5) Probiotics

An upset stomach can be a major mood killer and an obstacle to feeling sexy. Eat foods that support your digestive health and keep you playtime ready — BelliWelli Bars are perfect for a grab-and-go fix.

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