A Filter For Your Shower Head: A Skincare Necessity?

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When it comes to skincare, there are plenty of things that we know to be true. We know that our skin is our largest organ, that face oil doesn’t actually make you more oily, and that harsh chemicals are to be avoided at all costs.

And lets face it, a lot of us go above and beyond in our quest for good skin. We take collagen supplements, drink an abundance of H2o and even adjust our diets (R.I.P dairy and gluten) to increase our chances of gettin’ the glow.

But are we missing a vital part of the puzzle here? Could something as simple as installing a shower head filter really have an impact on the quality of our skin?

The reasoning

If you hadn’t already noticed, all water is not created equal. Sometimes you can leave a shower feeling decidedly unclean and lank-locked due to ‘hard’ water (‘cause appaz that’s a thing) or high levels of chlorine that are needed in order to make the water safe to drink. Also, minerals like magnesium and calcium can work wonders for your body when taken in supplement form, but they ain’t so chic in your shower water as they’re one of the main culprits for rendering some water ‘hard’ in the first place.

So what action can you take? We hear you cry.

How do shower head filters work? 

Shower water filters come in a variety of sizes and styles that fit directly onto your shower head and use a combination of metals and other materials that attract and hold the chlorine particles. In general, they’re straightforward to install and just need to have their filter changed every six months or so. How’s that for easy peasy?

These DIY solutions effectively reduce chlorine, scale and sulfur odour, which is definitely something we’re game for.

Because look at it this way; if you’re fastidious in only using skincare products that are free from toxic chemicals and aren’t harsh on your skin, you don’t want to undo all of those glow-getting-gains just by showering. Yes, showering. A shower head filter is a cost effective way to drastically reduce the amount of unfriendly, downright bitchy substances that your biggest organ absorbs.

And if the skin benefits weren’t enough to sway you, unfiltered, chlorine-saturated water is known to unleash havoc (AKA fading and discolouration) on colour treated hair. After all, there’s a reason swimmers wear swimming caps! Founder or Rahua skincare, Fabian Lliguin says that “any oxidative properties or rust in water may muddy blondes, and mineral particles may create build up on the scalp and hair.” So it looks like a showerhead filter can increase the longevity of your salon visits and keep your hair in much better nick.

Cause lets face it, canary yellow doesn’t suit anyone apart from Donald Trump. Oh no wait, he looks tragic as well.

Shower head filters for all, including the leader of the free world!

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