Collagen Supplements: Do They Actually Work?

Hailed as one of 2017’s biggest wellness trends, collagen is known to help control cortisol levels, assist in alleviating leaky gut symptoms, support your liver, strengthen hair, skin, nails and balance hormones, thanks to its profile as a great source of amino acids (arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline). But can one product really be such an impressive multitasker?

Collagen came onto my radar after a naturopath recommended I add it to my smoothies to assist in healing my skin after hormonal, stress-related breakouts and recurrent infections had rendered it a minefield. It was red, it was bumpy, it was sore. I immediately scoured the internet for a high-quality supplement that I could incorporate into smoothies or broths as a skin-healing aid.

After a month of consuming collagen, here’s what I noticed…

Clearer skin:

It didn’t happen overnight, but I wasn’t expecting a quick fix. Slowly but surely, my skin has become smoother, softer and more glowy. Breakouts have diminished. I look more hydrated. I feel as though I’m repairing my scarred, acne-prone skin.

And I’m not the only one who swears by collagen as a skin supplement. See how Amodrn’s Bianca Cheah incorporates collagen into her daily routine to stay looking fresh and glowing.

Thicker hair:

“A new head of hair” is how my hairdresser described my locks at my next visit after a month of collagen consumption. Not only was new hair coming through, but the hair I already had was thicker, stronger and growing at a rate that I hadn’t experienced before.

My nails have also reaped the benefits of collagen, growing faster, stronger and significantly less brittle.

Better digestion:

If healthier hair, skin and nails wasn’t enough, collagen has also helped in fixing gut issues I was experiencing after months of frequent rounds of antibiotics. Collagen is known to help with gut health problems like leaky gut syndrome by repairing holes in the gut and preventing the inflammatory response (and the subsequent hormonal havoc) that can come from food passing through these gaps undigested. 

The great news is, collagen is an easily accessible choice for everyone, regardless of dietary requirements. If you eat meat, Vital Protein’s Collagen Peptides offer a whopping 20g of protein per serve, making it a premium quality choice for maximum health benefits.

For pescatarians, Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen is an all natural choice derived from the scales of deep sea red snapper and contains no wheat, gluten, sugar, additives, preservatives or flavours.

And if you’re vegan or prefer to eat mostly plant-based, The Beauty Chef’s Collagen Inner Beauty Boost contains a super-charged, concentrated blend of Certified Organic maqui berry, acai, papaya, blueberry, goji berry and pomegranate powders with grape seed extract, zinc and vitamin C.
If powders and potions aren’t necessarily your thing, you can still incorporate collagen into your diet with these five edible collagen products (and yes, one of them is a chocolate bar, I repeat, a chocolate bar.) Prepare for the best skin of your life, ladies!

Deep Sleep Support

Magnesium Breakthrough

Want to fall asleep faster and all through the night?


3X The Value Of Food


Want to absorb ALL the valuable nutrients from your food?

Improve Your Digestion

Good Bacteria Support


Want to protect your body from bad bacteria that’s causing bloating?


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