These 9 Food Prep Gurus Will Make You Actually WANT To Bring Your Lunch To Work

Need some meal prep inspo? Check out these 9 Instagram foodies.

Hands up if ‘save money’ and ‘eat healthy’ are right at the top of your 2017 goals list? Yep, us too! While there are plenty of ways to pursue those goals separately, there’s also a super easy way to kill two birds with one stone—start bringing your lunch to work! But who has time to whip up a gourmet lunch each morning before they head to the office? Not us! The solution? Doing a bulk food prep session each Sunday! Not only does weekly food preparation save you heaps of dosh, it also makes it so much easier to stay on track with healthy eating. Win win!
The good news is, if you’re not already a meal prep aficionado, you can easily become one. Sometimes all you need is a bit of good ol’ fashioned inspo! To get you started, we’ve rounded up the 9 best Instagram foodies you’ve probably never heard of.


A photo posted by Erin Romeo (@foodprepprincess) on

The name of this account says it all: @foodprepprincess is pretty much food prep royalty! If you’re on a mission to lose fat or gain muscle, this feed will provide you with endless inspiration. The fitness nutrition coach posts plenty of aerial shots of the nourishing, high protein meals she preps for clients.


A photo posted by @fabbylousness on

Think eating healthy is all about carrot sticks and low-fat cottage cheese? Think again! @fabbylousness‘ colourful feed is proof that you can be health conscious and eat delicious treats: you just need to get creative! From the zucchini donuts to the pecan tart, there are so many mouth-watering recipes you can make in advance for brekkies. We also love Fabby’s simple yet delicious lunch combos!


A photo posted by Koy Enriquez (@koy_enriquez) on

There’s nothing fancy or elaborate about this meal prep feed. In fact, pretty much all of the photos are of side-by-side, neatly-filled containers of food. But what @koy_enriquez lacks in creative presentation, he more than makes up for in easy, paleo-inspired meal ideas. However, you may need to halve the suggested portion sizes (unless you’re a professional bodybuilder), as they’re ginormous!


Forget what you’ve heard, you can make friends with salad. Especially if it’s inspired by one of @marciacal01‘s beautiful, bright creations! With a different colourful salad posted every day, you’ll never be stuck for veggie inspiration again. They’re all completely vegan and vegetarian, too!


Trying to eliminate heavily processed foods but don’t know where to start? This feed will be your new best friend. Not only does @fitchickscook post photos of her perfectly organised Tupperware containers, she also gives us a sneak peek into her supermarket trolley and fridge! We love seeing how her healthy eating process comes together, from start to finish.


If you’re plagued with food intolerances or a temperamental tummy, you’ll love @foodprepsundays. Not only are all of Anna’s meals delicious and simple, they’re also IBS friendly! The Perth-based foodie also links to heaps of useful food meal tips on her blog Food Prep Sundays.


A photo posted by The Clean 15 (@welovecleanfood) on

Yes, the term ‘clean food’ has copped a lot of flak recently for being too restrictive. But we love the fact that @welovecleanfood focuses on limiting processed foods in a realistic way, rather than shunning food groups entirely. Pancake lovers will particularly enjoy this feed, as there are so many different healthy variations on the breakfast staple!


A photo posted by Danny Andrea (@dannysfitfood) on

Warning: your mouth may water uncontrollably while scrolling through this feed! If you’re looking for new ways to refuel after a grueling gym sesh, @dannysfitfood is sure to give you some ideas. The best thing about this feed is the variety: you’ll rarely catch Danny eating the same thing twice!


This feed isn’t just a meal prep account: it’s a meal prep community! @mealprepsociety showcases different meal prep photos, tips, and recipes from Instagrammers all over the world. Whether you’re paleo, primal, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, we guarantee you’ll be able to find something to fit your requirements here.

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