7 Super Easy, Healthy Lunch Recipes Every 20-Something Should Know

To get you through #studentlife.

Mie Goreng is a staple in the diet of many cultures: the Indonesians, the Malaysians, the Singaporeans and of course, the students. Anyone who has lived a #studentlife—and come out the other side of it—has successfully survived off the cuisine. It’s cheap, easy and seriously filling but packaged MSG, sorry MieG, is not always that good for you.
Just because you’re cash deficient doesn’t mean you should be nutrient deficient too. Despite popular belief, you can eat healthy on a budget.
So whether you’re living a student life or working full time, finding cheap, easy and healthy lunch meals can be difficult. It helps to stock your pantry with versatile ingredients and find recipes you can whip up in no time. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Green Mushroom Plate

The Brown Paper Bag, Brown Paper Bag Nutrition, Jacqueline Alwill, vegetarian recipes, meatless monday, green mushroom plate, lunch
Image via The Brown Paper Bag

Jacqueline Alwill’s recipes look like a work of art so when we came across one that also proved to be super simple, we couldn’t help but share it. It’s free from meat but full of greens and ridiculously good for you.

2. 10-Minute Tuna Wrap

tuna wrap, easy lunch recipe
Image via greenhealthycooking.com

Wraps are probably one of the easiest lunch choices on the menu and they happen to be super satisfying too. As the name suggests, this tuna wrap—courtesy of Lorena at Green Healthy Cooking—takes only 10 minutes so it’s easy to whip up when you’re pressed for time.

3. Detox Salad

jessica sepel, detox salad, healthy lunch, jshealth
Image via www.jessicasepel.com

This detox salad from our friend, Jessica Sepel is a go-to work lunch in the Amodrn HQ. It contains six ingredients, requires little preparation and can be thrown together in no time. It pairs best with her ‘The Clean Life’ dressing but a little olive oil and lemon also does the trick.

4. 5-Minute Spicy Asian Chicken Salad

linda wagner, healthy lunch, 5 minute spicy asian chicken salad,
Image via pinterest.com/lovelindawagner/

“Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, low carb, paleo friendly, and really, really good!!” is how Linda Wagner describes her 5-minute chicken salad, and we’d have to agree. She admits to getting everything pre-cooked and pre-cut but hey, time is money, right?

5. Asparagus, Pumpkin & Goats Curd Mini Frittata*

fritatta, healthy lunch, amelia phillips
Image and recipe c/o Amelia Phillips for ING Direct


500g pumpkin (butternut or kent), cut into 3cm cubes
Extra virgin olive oil
10 eggs
1 bunch chives, finely chopped (or dried chives keep longer)
1 bunch thin asparagus, woody ends trimmed, cut into 1.5cm pieces and blanched in boiling water for 1-2 minutes
120g goats curd


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C. Spread pumpkin cubes on a baking tray. Drizzle with olive oil and season. Roast for 6-8 minutes until slightly tender. Reduce oven to 180°C.
  2. Grease muffin tin or line with baking paper/cupcake liners. Dollop a sugar cube size of goats curd in each muffin mould.
  3. In a bowl, lightly beat eggs, stirring in chives, salt and pepper. Add roasted pumpkin and asparagus and mix well. Spoon mixture evenly throughout muffin moulds. Dollop remaining goats curd on top of each frittata.
  4. Bake for 18-20min or until golden brown on top. Stand for 10 minutes. Serve, fridge or freeze.

6. Black Quinoa, Spinach & Apple Salad*

amelia phillips, black quinoa salad, healthy lunch
Image and recipe c/o Amelia Phillips for ING Direct


1/2 cup black quinoa (cooked)
2 cups baby spinach leaves
1 red apple
1 carrot (grated)
4 tsp goats curd (keeps better than goats cheese)
3 tbsp olive oil
1⁄2 lemon squeezed
1 tbsp hot English mustard
Salt and pepper


  1. Cook the quinoa as per packet instructions. You can do this the night before, and cook extra for additional meals throughout the week. Allow quinoa to cool before adding to salad.
  2. Combine all dressing ingredients together and stir well. Set aside.
  3. Cut apple into 1cm cubes, and combine with spinach, carrot, and goats curd in a large bowl. Finally, add the quinoa and drizzle with dressing before stirring well.
  4. Seal in airtight container to retain freshness.

7. BAR-TOM: Basil, Avocado, Ricotta & Tomato Sandwich*

basil and tomato sandwich, healthy lunch, amelia phillips, ING direct
Image and recipe c/o Amelia Phillips for ING Direct


1⁄2 avocado
1⁄2 cup firm Ricotta
Handful of basil, roughly chopped/torn
1⁄2 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest (optional)
2 slices soy linseed, sourdough or rye bread
1 ripe tomato, sliced
Salt and pepper


  1. In a bowl mash the avocado with a fork. Add ricotta, basil and lemon zest, and mix evenly. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Lay tomato slices on one slice of bread. Add a generous amount of ricotta mixture on top of the tomato. Close the sandwich and wrap tightly.

*Recipes courtesy of nutritionist, Amelia Phillips for ING Direct. 

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