Where To Shop The Most Flattering Yoga Outfits, According To Bianca Cheah

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Yesterday I found myself in a conversation about fitness tights. Since I spend most weekdays knee deep in wellness trends, I tend not to discuss them on the weekends, partly because I need a break but also, I assume most people don’t share the same passion for sweet potato brownies or butt-sculpting exercises as I do.
But apparently, activewear is a universal interest. So there I was, in quite a heated conversation about leggings. Each of my girlfriends had very particular criteria for choosing their workout attire. Some went for cost, others for comfort or functionality. It seemed the only thing that they could agree on was that their outfit had to be flattering.
So, I spoke to Amodrn founder, Bianca Cheah-Chalmers for her opinion. As a yogi who finds herself in stranger poses than most, I wanted to know what she likes to wear during her practice that keeps her comfy and contained while showing off her best assets.
The verdict? She prefers tights that are slightly high-waisted, non-restricting and breathable and a sports crop that’s soft and has good support. So I prodded a little further.

“At the moment, I can’t stop wearing the Alo Yoga Mesh Goddess Leggings and Pretty Little Things Lillie T Back Sports Bra. I often turn to these brands for flattering yoga outfits. I actually found the tights on Carbon38.com, which I frequently scour for chic activewear and Free People are another favourite for unique, flattering pieces,” she said. 
“The pieces are beautiful to practise in. They feel really graceful and comfortable! The pants also keep me cool from the mesh-style windows and the bra doesn’t dig in. It moves with my body—I felt like a ballerina!”

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Bianca wears Alo Yoga Mesh Goddess Legging and Pretty Little Things Bra

Bianca Cheah in a beautiful yoga poseBianca Cheah in a beautiful yoga poseBianca Cheah in a beautiful yoga poseBianca Cheah in a beautiful yoga pose

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